Bus Simulator Racing

One of the hottest games to launch recently on the Google play store is Bus Simulator Racing. We are going to delve into the details and analyse why. First of all games for your phone or tablet need to be very engaging. People who play these are looking to immerse themselves into simulated scenarios to navigate and experience games. This is a shift from just wanting to pass time. Bus simulator racing does all of these and more.


It was developed by universal games and is a great pass time for kids and adults alike. We found the interface and controls very enjoyable. We were pretty eager to play after checking out multiple reviews on the play store. An ideal app to enjoy with its signature double decker bus and relaxing backgrounds. The graphics and animations are very smooth which makes the game very easy to enjoy. The aim to collect as many stars as possible by timing situations and make sure to race at the same time. You are simulating an environment where students need to be driven on time to school whilst navigating obstacles.

Technology has evolved to a point where just a mere tilt of your device is enough to perform a plethora of actions. In this particular scenario it allows you to steer the bus easy enough while enjoying a blissful orchestral music playing in the background. As you play more and more you can unlock various other missions and levels and compare yourself in a global ranking system that can really fuel your competitive nature.

Screen_5The app is a nifty 52 Mb, which could rise with further development. The animations and scenarios are good run and is pretty ideal for a tablet we feel. The developers have optimized the app to run on any and every android device on the market. If you are running a version lower than android 2.3 you might not be able to enjoy the game. But in all honesty we don’t think anyone is actually using a device that still runs android gingerbread or lower. Well if you are one of those readers who are, then it’s a great reason for you to get an upgrade.

The gaming market in android has become quite saturated but were once graced with amazing games like temple run, candy crush all those. We feel that bus simulator racing by universal games has the potential to make it to the top. The key is to provide pure entertainment value. You can download and install these game for free from the play store which is a huge plus side. Steer, drift and navigate the tricky challenge filled environment whilst being wary of narrow bridges, water and other dangerous situations. Try to get the passengers to school as quick as you possibly can and see where you stand on the global ranking bored. We feel this is a great system to bring out the inner competitor in most people. So that they may truly enjoy games. Click here to download from the play store.

Document Storage and Collection

The clichéd phrase ‘time is money’ may seem to slip past the minds of many people but it is well ingrained into the minds of those whose primary work involves data collection.

Data intensive industries like money lending, mortgage brokerage and real estate often have a large number of employees dealing with a multitude of paperwork to finalise and process applications.

This can take a lot of time and is also an indication that your firm isn’t moving with the times. That’s where services like ezidox can really come to the fore and help. Let’s look at some of the benefits of using ezidox.

Streamlined Workflow and Storage

Accessing documents from a variety of online platforms or searching through piles of papers is inefficient and a time waste for professionals. A centralised system of storage ensures you do not need to login to ten platforms to retrieve a number of files.

ezidox has a simple system, were all you have to do is scan any file and store it. You will be able to login as a sender or as the collector and have access to all the necessary documentation.

With ezidox, you have a central system where all your customers’ documents are stored and can be accessed from anywhere and anytime.

Improve Customer Experience

Tensions can rise when a document is misplaced by either party. More so, a lack of clear communication between multiple parties can have adverse effects on customer experience.

With ezidox’s platform you can solve all of these issues in one fell swoop and ensure you have a positive interaction. You can pull up documents from the database on any device and discuss requirements clearly.


Protecting customer information is of paramount importance, especially when sensitive information is involved.

That’s where ezidox’s system encrypts all the documents and stores them in cloud services that have industrial level security. You can protect yourself in the event of an audit too by showing the exact flow of information between you and the client. The trail is neatly laid out for the benefit of the sender and receiver.

Take advantage of all these features and more and improve your productivity by getting started on your free 30 day trail today by visiting www.ezidox.com.

Protect Your Driver’s Licence with Radar Detectors

Most drivers can appreciate that focusing on the road is of utmost importance when travelling. Though sometimes it’s very easy to forget to check the driving speed especially if other traffic is moving fast.

Radar detectors are to warn you in situations where speed cameras and traps have been set usually on roads where visibility and road conditions are good and driving over the speed can occur.

In case you get slightly carried away and would otherwise get caught speeding during some moments of distraction. Sometimes you will be in situations where you may end up 10 mph or more over the limit just because your mind isn’t fully there. Hearing the alarms go off will snap you back to reality, hopefully in time to make a difference.

Having an automated system (radar detector) to assist you to monitor your speed will certainly help in saving your licence from being suspended.

High-end radar detectors are part of an awareness system. It is most valuable if you spend LARGE amounts of time on the road (working for example), and frequently have to drive in areas where there are a high level of radar activity. Statistically speaking, your chances of getting a ticket in these circumstances is higher than for the normal individual.

On roads such as the Great Ocean Road in Australia, and highways between Sydney and Melbourne it is quite common to be immersed in the surrounding scenery and forget your speed. Radar detectors are extremely useful devices that will help keep you in check. Especially on straight roads with breath talking views, all you need is a little bit of conversation to distract you. Radar detectors really come to your aid in these situations.

You can even add these to the rear of your car to warn you against rear-facing Poliscans speed cameras. These detectors come with a GPS database containing all the existing camera positions. You can download and update all these positions as and when you see fit and the entire process is absolutely free from a good radar detector supplier.

Radar detectors along with reversing cams, dash cams can really help you become a much safer and smarter driver wherever you are throughout the world. Also you need to make sure these devices are legal in your country and obtain specs and radars that are legal and also optimized for your specific region or country. For instance Australia has a specific type of frequency camera that operates in a particular way and you need to make sure you have a radar that functions in accordance with that. You can find all these in the site we have mentioned at the end of the article.

The aim is to add an additional layer of awareness and protection. Even if you are already a great driver it would be an extra layer of safety to ensure your mind is at ease and you can focus on things that matter most and not worry about the occasional distraction causing you a hefty fine.

You can buy a bunch of high end escort radar detectors online from sites like http://www.neltronics.com.au/

Prevent Joyriding with GPS Vehicle Tracking Devices

In the popular movie Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, three students take off with their dad’s prized vehicle – a 1961 Ferrari convertible.

They drove the expensive car without permission and left it under the supervision of a dodgy parking lot attendant, who then took it out on a second joyriding trip.

If the owner had a reliable GPS vehicle tracking device installed, the joy ride on their valuable sports automobile could have been limited and stopped before too much damage had occurred. The movie on the other hand might not have been quite as funny in that case.

When you possess an automobile or a high performance sports car, you are always at risk because a mechanic, parking valet lot attendant or even a young, less experienced drivers will want to take your car without your permission.

On the off chance that they have access to the keys, and proper supervision of the car is absent, then it could result in impromptu joyrides.

But, here’s a method by which you can stop them…

GPS vehicle tracking devices can be set to automatically notify you when your vehicle has left a specific geographic zone (area).

This may be your work car park, a public car park, the side of the street or even your home garage.

You can set larger temporary zones at a hotel or mechanic’s office allowing them to move the vehicle within that zone without alerting you.

If the vehicle then breaches the zone an automatic notification will be sent to your cell phone with an additional alert sent to a secondary phone of a family member, friend or work colleague.

You will then be able to take action, track your car, and even remotely disable the vehicle’s electronics.

This prevents the joyrider from driving the car further and allows for quick recovery of the vehicle.

You can even remotely sound the alarm, wind up windows or lock the doors! Simply disable the vehicle using your cell phone.

Even if you are in another country as long as you can send and receive SMS text messages you can remotely manage the security of your vehicle.

Depending upon who took the vehicle (if you may know who that was) you can either contact the authorities, towing company or go and recover the vehicle yourself.

In most cases, thanks to the automatic alerts you can get your vehicle back with no or minimal damage.

Of course, with no tracker installed most car owners would not have any idea that their vehicle was being misused.

If in fact the local mechanic or valet misused your vehicle on a joyride then you have proof they did take your vehicle on a journey without your permission.

Don’t risk having your vehicle lost or damaged because of joyriders or impounded due to bad behaviour or speeding by your mechanic, valet or someone else who has access to your vehicle’s keys.

Protect your vehicle asset with GPS vehicle tracking devices and you will be able to monitor your vehicle’s location and prevent its unauthorized use!

Compress PDF files

Portable Document Format or PDF files as they are better known, are the norm when it comes to transferring or submitting documents electronically. Their cross platform compatibility and pristine print appearance gives them an unparalleled advantage over other options. Be it Windows, Mac OS, Linux – converted PDF documents, graphics and forms are always print ready. Even when in today’s world where data storage is increasing exponentially, there is definitely a need to compress these files in order to upload them to websites and in some rare cases even to email them. There are a fair few options to compress your PDF files. Let’s just walk through 2 or 3 ways this process can be achieved.

The 1st method is making use of Adobe Acrobat’s own settings. You can open the PDF using acrobat and then click Save As. Following this you can see under File Options, a box labelled “Reduce File Size” You can now save the file and make sure you check the compatibility of the file so that it can easily be opened in older and newer versions of Acrobat software.

The 2nd method is exclusively for Mac OS users, and the majority of them are not aware of this technique as they quickly tend to install adobe reader or other third party PDF viewers. Basically, by default, PDFs open as previews in a Mac. If they don’t you can browse and locate the actual file -> Right Click-> Open with and select “preview”.

All these methods can be effective but can prove to be a hassle at times with updates and aesthetic changes. A simpler method is to use an online service to compress PDF files. These online services are free to use typically and are very quick. The compression techniques they use vary from site to site and will 90% of the time offer you a better compression ratio.

All you have to do is upload your file to their cloud and the compression takes place in their backend and the file, based on the website will be either emailed to you or be available to download in the click of a button.

Especially these days we are inundated with a multitude of companies advertising and highlighting their benefits. With the aforementioned website it’s a one and done kind of solution. Also one thing we need to be mindful off when it comes to PDF compression is that different solutions offer varied results based on whether the PDF comprises of graphical elements or just text. So when compressing files online make sure you check the files thoroughly for any alignment changes.

There are usually a plethora of sites to choose from which deal with PDFs. If you deal with PDFs, conversions and compressions on a semi frequent basis you can utilize pdfaid.com. This website offers every service you can possible think of dealing with PDFs so that you can compress, convert how many ever times you like. The blog and the tutorial sections will aid you in the process too!

An overview of the banking sector

If we have to define banking then in simple words banking means the business activity of accepting and safeguarding money by other individuals and entities, and then lending out that money to earn profit. This business of banking is a very risky but is profitable to the economy of the country, depositors as well as the banks themselves.

Types of banks and their functions

Banking industry offers its services to different types of clientele, and on types of products offered and clientele served there are mainly six types of banks in the banking sector.

Retail banks: these type of banks offer very basic services to the consumers. Examples of such banks are saving banks and recurring and fixed deposits and the service they provide includes safe deposit boxes, saving and current accounting and different loans.

Commercial banks: these banks act as an intermediaries, who have to raise funds through the depositors and lending that raised money to borrowers. This type of bank can become bankrupt in one day if all the depositors come to withdraw their money on the same day, because they have to give time to borrowers to refund, unlike the depositors. There are only two types of these banks- public sector bank and private sector bank.

Investment banks: these types of banks help individuals, companies and government in raising capital by underwriting or act as the client’s agent in issuance of securities.

Cooperative banks: they provide cheap credit to their members and governed by province of state cooperative societies act.

Specialized banks: these types of banks provide financial aid to the industries, heavy projects and foreign trades. The banks that fall under this category are industrial banks, development banks and foreign exchange banks.

Central banks: these are the banks which implements monetary policy, issue paper money, acting as a banker to government and other banks and regulating the bank industry. One of the best example of this type of bank is Reserve Bank of India.

Challenges for the modern banks

Though banking is a very large sector and consists of big names like San Francisco Banking system, but like every other sector they also have tough challenges in front of them, few of them are: 1.Banks are still not making enough return on investments, that the shareholders require. 2. Many banks are not able to deliver that kind of experience that people are expecting especially in the field of technology. 3. The growth of financial technology companies has become a very big challenge for banks because not only they provide better technology but also are more adaptable than the banking sector. And at last, regulatory requirements are a very huge challenge because due their increasing needs banks spend a big chunk out of their budget on building a system to keep up with the escalating requirements.

Manage through kiosks

While going through your journey, you would have bought many things while just passing on the road, through the window-opening shop. Have you even wondered how much time saving and comfortable the buying of things becomes while just passing by, courtesy to those window-opening shops. Those sort of window-openings are literally termed as kiosks. Kiosks have entered in our life, in almost every kind of field. The kiosks have made many processes of our life easier. One can’t imagine one’s life standing in long queues, waiting for withdrawing or depositing money without ATMs, a sort of kiosks .While going through the malls, you can witness direction guides standing to guide you to your right way. Kiosks can quite easily be observed on the metro stations and shopping complexes. The machines standing and giving your desired commodities in return for money without any person or handler are also a kind of kiosks.

Advantages of kiosks

These kiosks have entered and settled in our life quite easily. Rarely are observed or thought about the working processes of kiosks or the methods of working of kiosks. Kiosks are of various kinds, ranging as much as the kinds of men are found in the nature. The ATMs are the most visible form of kiosk, being used on a wider scale to deposit or withdraw cash. The simplicity and ease it has put in our life can never be underestimated. The internet kiosks are used to provide data access to common people, telekiosks being used as a successor of phone booth, the ticketing kiosks used to generate tickets automatically without having engaged any operator, providing immense ease for the people. The above mentioned contribute a small fraction of the wide range of kiosks.

Advancement in kiosks

After the discovery of kiosks, many advancements have been made in this, the earlier ones being quite simple, both in design and use. At present, many kinds of kiosks have been invented, giving kiosks a wide range of forms and functions. Many companies have been manufacturing kiosk, both for the public use and personal use. However, what Olea Kiosk Designers have to offer is rarely offered by others. Olea Kiosk Designers is a leading company in this sector, having made its name quite a famous one in this field. The company handles all the complexities in the process of kiosk manufacturing itself. It has a large number of employees which handle the manufacturing processes very efficiently and have quite a bit expertise, making them the best in this field of work.

These devices have indeed generated simplicity in our life. Now you don’t need any companion for you. These kiosks are everywhere for you, leading a helping hand.

Technology in the real estate business

Along with the booming of internet marketing and with the increase in the use of technology we became more and more surrounded by all sorts of interesting software solutions, that were able to ease our lives, to make our jobs easier , to improve our productivity or to respond to issues that in the past were impossible to solve.

For instance, imagine what would have meant to sell a property (if you were working as a real estate agent) a couple of years ago. You needed to present some pictures to a potential client, and then that client would have needed to come and see the real estate property, to understand better how are all the rooms and to see a clearer image before buying. But in the present the things have simplified a lot with the existence of virtual tours (that are able to present a more clearer image of the property to a potential buyer) and simplifies a bit the work of the real estate agent.

And the above example is only the tip of the iceberg, as in fact, todays software solutions are able to do much more that explained in the above example, as for instance a virtual tour software that is also showing related content to a certain room, to the material used in the construction, or information related to the size of the rooms.

In fact, it is very easy to understand that technology has changed completely the way we are doing marketing – as the online has brought not only better exposure and targeting, but also a lot of technological enhancements that improve the product and the way we can present, sell, or promote a certain product.

Also – tools like Google Analytics, Adwords, Search console and social media advertising are providing big overall changes to the real estate businesses.

Drone FPV 101: Quick Guide to FPV Goggles, Cameras, Transmitters and More…

If you have been flying drones for a while, you already know that for the best flying experience you need FPV – or ‘first person view’ – systems. The FPV system enables you to fly your drone from the pilot’s perspective. As if you were actually sitting inside the drone and looking out. This is as good as it gets.

FPV systems are relatively new. Only about a decade old. Vastly improved technologies in recent times have made this possible.

All of the various components that make up an FPV system are evolving at a rapid pace – monitors, cameras, video transmitters, receivers and even ***FPV goggles***.

While all of this may sound very exciting – and it indeed is, there’s one thing you’d want to note before you jump into FPV…

You need to be able to fly your drone around “line of sight”. This requires you to have mastered the controls. Unless you have mastered this basic skill, you should not be switching to FPV.

And not all FPV systems are plug and play. You may need to have at least a few basic skills like soldering to make this work.

That said, here is what you’ll want to look for in each of the individual components…

FPV monitors

You can use either a monitor or a pair of goggles. But some people choose to use both together.

The main advantage of using a monitor instead of goggles is you can switch between the camera view and line of sight very easily.

Another really good reason you would want to buy a monitor is because some monitors come equipped with dual receivers. So they actually have two antennas instead of one. The monitor sources its signal from the antenna getting a stronger signal – which is good because the screen may otherwise go blue in some of these devices when the signal from your quadcopter’s FPV transmitter becomes very weak.

Some monitors come with a video output port. You can connect your FPV goggles to this port. So one other person can look at the monitor while you, the pilot, controls the drone while wearing goggles.

FPV goggles

FPV goggles allow you to have the best possible experience. It’s almost as good as being in the cockpit of your drone while flying it. It certainly can’t get any better than this.

For the best possible viewing experience, you’d want to buy goggles with the best resolution and at least 35° field of view.

Most models these days have a resolution of 640 x 480 VGA and at least 25° field of view.

While this should be good enough for most people, if your FPV camera is not very good, the image displayed by your goggles will not be good either.

Transmitters and receivers

Most FPV systems use a frequency of 5.8 Hz. This is because drones usually use either 2.4 GHz or 5.8 GHz. Since the radio controller typically uses 2.4 GHz frequency, FPV systems use 5.8 GHz.

You would want to note that in most countries, it is illegal to use 900 MHz, 1.2 GHz or 1.3 GHz for radio controlled drones.

FPV cameras

By far the best FPV camera on the market today would be the GoPro Hero4 Black. But it is heavy and expensive.

So many drone enthusiasts use much smaller cameras that are a lot cheaper.

There’s another problem with using GoPro camera is for FPV. These cameras do a lot to image processing and so there can be a time lag. If you’re flying very high and at low speed, the slight lag may not be a problem.

On the other hand, if you’re into drone racing or stunts then the time lag is simply unacceptable. You will need to use a dedicated FPV camera.

Dedicated FPV cameras are designed for flying fast in varying light conditions.

A camera gimbal

Quadcopters are unstable and can remain in stable flight only because the onboard flight controller continually changes the motor speeds. This can introduce a lot of vibrations – and a lot of this is passed down to the camera. And all of these vibrations cause the video to be very shaky.

If you want the video to be free of all the shakiness, you’ll need to mount the camera on a three axis brushless camera gimbal.

Source: https://www.rebelmouse.com/thetechguy/guide-to-buying-fpv-goggles-1662020845.html

Relief for Gamers Who Can’t Seem to Get Comfortable

If you’re one of the millions of gamers who love playing on the PC, welcome to the PC master race. And if you’re one of the millions of gamers who also suffer from back and neck strain, we understand your plight. Thankfully, today we have some tips on how you can get more comfortable while at your computer gaming desk and be ready for those long gaming marathons.

Tip #1: Make sure your monitor is at the correct height

Too often, gamers make the mistake of looking down at a monitor that is positioned too low—below eye level. An optimal position would place the midpoint or middle third of the monitor at eye level, thereby eliminating unnecessary neck strain as you bend down to see clearly.

Tip #2: Sit back in your chair with your feet firmly planted on the ground

Doing so ensures that you actually take advantage of the back support your chair provides. If you sit too far forward, you’re likely to hunch over (this also goes along with the monitor height issue), creating all kinds of back aches. People often tend to sit with their chair too high, so consider lowering it to ensure you can sit back comfortably.

Tip #3: Stretch your legs

It might sound counterintuitive to advise someone to walk around when they’re trying to play a game, but the truth is that most matches, whether you’re playing an FPS or an RTS game, have a start and end point, followed by a period of waiting for the next game to begin. This is the perfect opportunity to move around a bit and stretch your legs so you keep your blood flowing and your muscles and tendons limber. This will help prevent cramps and other aches down the line caused simply by your immobility.

With these three tips, you should feel way more comfortable, no longer how long you’ve been playing. And a comfortable gamer is a relaxed gamer, and a relaxed gamer wins more often. So get out there and get winning!