Here you may find the official documents and statements produced or influenced by the caucus, in reverse chronological order.

  • Civil Society interventions on Internet Governance at PrepCom-3, Sub-Committee A
    30/9 Avri Doria Forum [pdf]
    29/9 Izumi Aizu Forum/oversight proposals [pdf]
    28/9 Avri Doria Civil society participation [pdf]
    28/9 Avri Doria Political oversight [pdf]
    27/9 Jeanette Hofmann Political oversight [pdf]
    27/9 Adam Peake Forum [pdf]
    27/9 African Caucus Oversight / Forum [pdf]
    27/9 Financing Coalition Universal access [pdf]
    27/9 Gender Caucus Gender equality [pdf]
    26/9 Privacy / Human
    Rights Caucuses
    Security and privacy [pdf]
    19/9 Milton Mueller Root system oversight [pdf]
    19/9 Bill Drake Forum [pdf]
    19/9 Magaly Pazello Capacity building [pdf]
    19/9 Adam Peake Civil society participation [pdf]

  • Internet Governance Caucus Response to the WGIG Report (22 August 2005) [document]
  • Initial Reactions by the IG Caucus to the WGIG Report (19 July 2005) [document]
  • Civil Society Recommendation for the Members of the WGIG (5 October 2004) [document]
  • Consultations on the Establishment of the WGIG (20-21 September 2004) [statement] [presentation]
  • Civil Society Declaration: Shaping Information Societies for Human Needs (8 December 2003) [en] [fr] [es]