Reduce Software Coding and Build Enterprise Level Multifaceted Systems with Pega-the Most Popular bpm Tool

Pegasystems is a software company based out of US with specialisation in solutions of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and it owns Pega. Pega is a tool used for application development for applications such as BPM and CRM. It does not use any coding or programming to build enterprise and web applications. The backend engine used is Java. It has drop or drag UI and application settings which are easily configurable. This enables you to build applications faster and better quality when compared with Java. Pega is considered as a heavily popular tool for Business Process Management and it is widening its market share to alter the workflows and business rules and has huge demand in the present market.


The major advantage of using pega tool is there is no need of developing the system from the scratch similar to any normal programming. Another advantage is that it consists of a toolkit which is highly business-friendly for the purpose of defining the applications. BPM suite of Pega is termed as “Case Life Cycle Management” which enables a business user to seize and manage the entire work in their day-to-day operations, whether it is handling of documents, decision making, approvals etc. These complete set of jobs can be developed into a process flow for the purpose of automation. Another interesting thing about BPM solution of pega is the user-interface which is design once- deploys anywhere. Yet another massive advantage of pega is very little amount of coding is involved in it.

The features of pega include usage of the design-tools that are intuitive for capturing the business objectives, generation of application code automatically, solution frameworks which are specific to the industry, scalability at the enterprise level, user interfaces based on standards, incorporating various business platforms like collection systems and CRM software. Pega is mostly utilised by organizations in healthcare, banking, and finance domains. Pegasystems is continuously focusing on large multinationals that are able to afford pega for the CRM solutions and platform product.


Comparison of the features of CRM applications from and Pegasystems


From career’s perspective, gaining knowledge in pega would be really great as it places you in a group of extremely talented developers and you will acquire new skills. As your career progresses, you can utilise these skills to study advanced tools and make a great career for yourself. In this IT world which is moving at a rapid pace, developing an application automatically without involving any coding can be a massive advantage and pega does this for you. The motto of Pegasystems is “Build for Change” and the goal of Pegasystems is to “automate manual work” and “eliminate software coding”.

Pega is software used for customer centricity. Many of world leading companies utilise pega to power-up their revenue growth. The strength of pega lies in its methodology. Pega solves the management of dynamic rule, brings the Social BPM flavour and mobility utilising Antenna as well as predictive analytics in one single suite.

Pega certainly sees the demand for developers who are certified, tripling in the coming 5 years. Pegasystems is planning to increase the professionals certified in pega. Pegasystems is following an approach known as three-prong to meet the demand among IT organizations for professionals who are certified in pega. Many IT organizations are moving towards pega for increasing their coding platforms’ efficiency.

At present, there are around 25,000 pega developers in the world and Pegasystems is expecting this number to grow beyond three times in the coming 5 years. On any given day, there are about 7500 job vacancies for pega developers and customers are hunting for them on contract or permanent basis. The average salary for a pega developer is $1, 07,000. Demand for certified developers in pega is expected to increase up to 200% in the coming 6 months. This shows the demand for pega in the IT market and pega is creating a lot of buzz in the market from development side organizations’ perspective. People who get Pega Training and get certified in it can certainly expect a bright career for them.

Plagiarism Checking with Technology

Plagiarism is a feature of lazy, immoral, who wants to achieve something through someone else’s work. There have been some famous people who plagiarized.

Dr. Martin Luther King was one of them. Some portions of his doctoral thesis were taken from other authors. Also, his famous speech “I have a Dream” was allegedly stolen from Archibald Carey.  Scientist   Jane Goodall was accused of plagiarism when she was about to publish her book “Seeds of Hope”. Her book allegedly contains borrowed phrases from Web sites such as Wikipedia and others that focus on astrology, tobacco, beer, nature and organic tea.

There are also names like Dan Brown, Justin Bieber, Barack Obama, Helen Keller, J.R.R. Tolkien, E.L. James, J.K Rowling, Nicki Minaj… These people are successful and well known in spite of accusations of plagiarism.

On the other hand, plagiarism has ended careers, destroyed reputations, students being expelled or suspended, caused a lot of damage overall. People need to understand that while plagiarizing they not only steal another’s work and ignore a huge amount of effort but also committing a crime. It is the case with two men, Jonah Lehrer and Jayson Blair.

Jonah Lehrer, an American author, is among those whose careers went downhill because of plagiarism. This thirty five year old man was very popular writer and speaker until his published works were recalled due to plagiarism and misused quotes and facts. Jayson Blair had a similar problem. Blair is a journalist, worked for The New York Times. But as we told before, plagiarism is not a good thing. Blair was indicted for plagiarism and fabrication in his stories. He resigned from the newspaper in May 2003.

A good thing is that plagiarism can be detected and prevented. In that way, writers, artists, composers… can create without a fear of being “robbed”. It can be prevented by teaching kids at their early age about the consequences of plagiarizing. Help them understand meaning of hard work. Let them use their creativity rather than copying texts from the internet.

There are lots of websites on internet to check the plagiarism free and paid. However you can use 2 main websites to detect the plagiarism of contents. You can visit this website or you can use this free tool for plagiarism checking.

New Breed of Lightning Headphones Available in 2017

If are about to purchase the new iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus from Apple there is something you should be aware of: Both the 7 and 7 Plus no longer come with a 3.5mm headphone jack. This means that you can no longer use a standard pair of headphones with the new version of Apples popular mobile device.

If you already own an iPhone 7 or 7 Plus, then you will likely be aware of this fact already and you may have either given up on using your old headphones or been thinking about purchasing a pair of wireless headphones instead.

Have no Fear, Lightning Headphones are Here

Before you go out and buy an expensive pair of wireless headphones just to circumnavigate Apples design flaws there is another option that you should hear about. This option is to instead purchase a pair of headphones that support the lightning connection port. That’s right, there are headphones that connect via Apples lightening port rather than via a traditional 3.5mm headphone jack.

These lightning headphones are fully compatible with the Apple iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 plus because they will connect via the phones lightning port (The same port that you would use to charge the phone). This is great because it saves you having to pay an extortionate price for wireless headphones that you don’t need or want.

There are other advantages to the new lightning style headphones as well – not only will you solve your immediate problem but you are also effectively saying “No” to Apple: No Apple, we won’t be forced to do things your way, or to buy your products but rather we can still use our own products that have been redesigned to fit your new device layout. This tells Apple that they can’t control the way their devices are used and they can’t remove ports at will just to force users to purchase all of their add-ons directly from Apple.

Digital Sound and Superior Quality Audio

The great thing about the lightning port is that it’s a digital port. This means that you will have a crystal-clear sound quality when using lightning headphones – compared to traditional headphones that connect via the audio jack you should notice the sound quality is superior and will not have any crackling or distortion that is typically associated with any analogue signal.

The lightning technology is normally only found in Apple products and until now there hasn’t been much of a need for other manufacturers to use the port, because there have always been alternatives. However, now that Apple have taken the decision to remove the audio jack from their newer phones there will likely be a surge in the number of products that support the lightning jack so its worth keeping an eye out on the market because there will likely be lots of choices when it comes to wired headphones that support the lightning cable connection.

Sources and Further Information

Most of the information for this article was obtained from the iPhone headphone news site Lightning Cans. If you want to keep up to date with further developments from Apple as well as the manufacturing industries responses to those developments this site is well worth keeping in your favourites list.

Why Are Genuine/OEM Toner Cartridges Expensive?

print-159336_640Nowadays, technology is an essential ingredient in the daily lifestyle of an individual and a certain company. To mention one, the toner cartridge plays a critical role in the operation of many businesses. Since competition among businesses is becoming harder to beat, it is very important for you to print the important documents that can help you to boost the sales of your business. Meanwhile, to make the most out of your business, for sure you will need reliable toner cartridges that can support you in printing your valuable information that will be delivered to your staff and customers.

When you buy toner cartridges, you must consider the important things for you to avail the best one that can satisfy your needs. There are several types of toner cartridges in the market namely; OEM toner cartridges, remanufactured toner cartridges, refilled ink cartridges as well as compatible printer ink cartridges.

As a matter of fact, if you are looking for the best quality, you can prefer to use the OEM or the Original Equipment Manufacturer. On the other hand, you can be quite surprised about its expensive cost. To mention a few, the following are some of the reasons why genuine/OEM toner cartridges are expensive.

Benefits of using the Genuine/OEM Toner Cartridges

  • Can offer you with a satisfying printing quality that is perfect for home and office use.
  • It has a great durability that is reliable at all times. Brought about by its expensive cost, for sure you will never be disappointed and regretful about its performance.
  • The good thing about this type of toner cartridge is that it has a high level of compatibility to all kinds of printers. As a result, you can now have the chance to make the most out of your printing work.
  • With the support of this kind of toner cartridges, you can attain an almost priceless peace of mind since it can print many pages.

Definitely, the genuine/OEM toner cartridges are very expensive knowing that it can give you with a complete package of performance, which in turn can help you attain your specific printing goals. In return, you can now help your company to achieve its goals and missions, thus you can print the important documents that you need in the operation of your business.

Remanufactured Toner Cartridges

Are you a budget conscious individual who has great standards? Then you can make use of the remanufactured toner cartridges as a great alternative to the many expensive toner cartridges that you can find in the market. If you are looking for great printer supplies, you may prefer to use industrial grade toner cartridges that you can purchase in just a very wallet friendly cost without sacrificing its high quality. This may just be the answer to your tight budget.

Attain a priceless peace of mind with these toner cartridges

With the above mentioned ideas, you can now feel stress free and worry free when it comes to printing all your important documents that can surely affect the success of your business. The good thing about it is that you can decide which toner cartridges you will avail to support your business’ needs.

Germany Kent shares 5 Smart Strategies to kick off 2017

When Mindfulness, Tech and Philanthropy Collide | Influencer Insider Tips

Germany Kent is a Social Media Marketing guru who has been named one of the Top 100 most influential people on Twitter and was just named to Evan Carmichael’s list as one of the Top 100 social media experts to follow on Twitter. Looking forward to the New Year with motivation, the thought leader is dishing on simple things you can do to optimize your life.

  1. Take care of your mind. It is so important to feed your brain. Nurture your mind, be good to your mind and develop strong mental habits. Work your brain like you would work your muscles at the gym. This will keep you in the right mindset. Pay attention “on purpose” and develop a resistance to negative thoughts that may try to enter your mind. Having the right mindset will guarantee success.
  2. Create a minimal lifestyle. Do not be in such a hurry. Slow down. Enjoy the moment – or should I say, moments! Life is beautiful and meant to be enjoyed. Take time to go to the park, or beach (my personal favorite). Slow things down at least twice a week. Find that personal time to just be alone and learn to enjoy your own company. Create a space of freedom in your life where calmness and contentment can grow.
  3. Evolve. Be in a state of constantly growing and learning. Elevate your game so that you can become better. Accept the challenge of being a better you. Do not wait for others to open a door for you, find a window to squeeze through or build another door. Find out what it is you like – do more of that. Be unapologetic about achieving your goals.
  4. Be your best cheerleader. Do not be the reason you do not succeed. Self-talk is so important. Learn to lift yourself up by freeing yourself of negative talk. Encourage yourself, love yourself, and believe in yourself. And whatever you do, do not go negative on social media. If you feel that you cannot be positive, just go neutral until you can pick yourself back up. Your social media is your business card and you will be held to what you post. Besides, it is hard to lift someone else up if you are negative. No negative talk – period.
  5. Give back. Volunteer. Find a cause to support or a person to mentor. Learn to be a vessel of hope and encouragement to someone else. Research shows that those who volunteer are happier and healthier. Volunteering and helping others can help you reduce stress, combat depression, keep you mentally stimulated, and provide a sense of purpose. Remember, if you’re not reaching back to help anyone, then you’re not building a legacy.

Follow Germany @germanykent

Germany Kent is a social media expert, author, and entrepreneur with decades of experience in personal branding, social networking, and entertainment. A successful Hollywood commercial actress and media personality, she has interviewed Oscar, Emmy, Golden Globe, and Grammy winners, pro athletes and newsmakers. She is also a dynamic public speaker and in demand coach and consultant and a former award winning college administrator and corporate executive. Her newest book You Are What You Tweet: Harness the Power of Twitter to Create a Happier, Healthier Life is a self help guide packed with tools, tips, tricks, secrets, and strategies for mastering Twitter and turning it into a powerful vehicle for self transformation.

Why You Need A Website Maintenance Plan

If you have any retail store, you know all about the amount of work it takes to maintain it. You know that the floors need to be cleaned, your windows washed, light bulb replaced, leaks patched, desks and chairs fixed or replaced, etc. What happens if you don’t take care of the issues right away? The problems get bigger, your employees become unhappy, and the customers. So you know that maintaining your place of business, whether it’s a restaurant or an office, needs to be kept clean, organized, updated and free of clutters.


Now, your online presence does not have physical storage area, but it too needs just as much attention and maintenance as your retail store.

Here are few reasons for creating a website maintenance plan for your business website:

  1. Fresh Content

Why do big retail stores have different specials each week? They want to keep people interested and coming back week after week. For your online business presence, make sure you’re giving your readers a reason to come back too.  No one wants to read the same content week after week or be looking at outdated information about an event that happened 6 months ago. If you’re not updating your website, you are essentially telling your potential customers that you are not paying attention to your business. You may even be giving them an impression that you may be going out of business soon.

  1. Website Speed

If your business website is loading slowly you may be losing customers. Your business website is usually the first point of customer interaction, so you need to leave the visitors with a positive impression.  How many customer’s are you potentially loosing as a result of your turtle speed load time?

There may be a whole host of reasons why your pages may not be loading fast. Slow server, improperly optimized pages or images, broken links, old HTML and CSS etc. Slow pages can happen at any time and the only way you’d know there is an issue is if you’ve got a regularly planned maintenance on your site.

  1. Website Backup

You must keep in mind that your website resides on a remote server.  Hopefully, you are with a good hosting company that has many fail-proof systems and backup options. However, even if you are with the best hosting service out there, sometimes their systems can fail. When your data is gone you have no recourse, unless of course you have been backing everything up on regular basis yourself. Backing up your website is just smart and easy way to protect yourself and your business. It doesn’t take too much time, it doesn’t cost much and it’s easy to do. It should be part of your maintenance plan.

  1. CMS and Plug-in Updates

Website software, just like computer hardware is constantly being updated and improved, and if your website is not keeping up with the updates you’re falling behind. Software update frequently to keep up with the new coding requirements.  Also the plugin you downloaded in the past may have had a bug or two and if you don’t install the new update, it may mess with your entire site. In some cases your entire site may cease to work properly unless you update the platform. In addition, search giants, such as Google, who detects software version, may not allow your site to be ranked high unless it conforms to the latest programming requirements.

When was the last time you’ve run a system check or an update? You may be doing yourself and your business an injustice if you’re not checking it on regular basis. Include this in your website maintenance plan.

  1. Tweak and Improve

Search engines give your websites and your web pages scores (marks), which determine your search position. A good ranking is rewarded to those who not only work at it consistently but also to those who do the right things. And to make things a little more complicated, search engines like Google, are constantly changing their requirements of what it takes to be at the top. Believe me, the websites that show up at the top of the organic searches didn’t get there by accident.  It takes a lot of work and dedication. The result is increased sales and revenue.

The first step is knowing where your website stands and try to improve each area little by little.  Once you’re at the top, the work doesn’t stop. If anything it gets harder to stay there, since there are millions of similar websites clambering and trying everything in their power to be #1 as well.

If you just look at the above list, it’s really not that hard to do.  Consider getting a technical consultant to get you started.  Alternatively you could always outsource that part of your responsibilities. If your business resides in the greater Toronto area, be sure to call up the Toronto Website Managers to have the peace of mind that your website will not fall apart ever.

How to Use Twitter

Twitter, just like any other free social networks requires you to sign up; full name, phone number or email and a password would be required. You will also need to create a username which will be your public name.

Once your account is activated, begin searching and following other accounts whose posts (Tweets) interest you. Twitter will also recommend great accounts once you are signed up.

Twitter is very simple to use. After your account must have been activated, you can now upload a profile pic and update your bio. After then you can begin posting tweets by entering you message (140 character limit) in the ‘what’s happening’ box. Anytime, you can also delete tweets on your twitter account. You will also notice there is a news feed; it is where you will see what everybody following you is posting in real time.

However, to receive feeds you will need to follow other users too; it could be friends, celebrities and so on. You are allowed to follow numerous persons, as much as you want and you can also decide to ‘unfollow’ them when they seem less interesting.

In addition to your tweets, a few tags or commands can also be included for an amazing experience.

@username– Used specifically for messaging someone on twitter, you simply type @ and his or her username and enter your post.

They will get a notification in their feed whether they are following you or not. However, note that protected tweets would disable users who are not following you to seeing your mentions or replies.

Retweet RT”- A retweet is displayed as ‘RT’, It is simply re-posting of tweets. This feature allows you to retweet your own tweets or if you love or admire a tweet posted by someone.

Simply retweet by pressing the button, this automatically inserts the tag ‘RT’ and username of whose tweet you are retweeting.

Hash Tags ‘#–   #hash tags are allowed on twitter to specify the topics or headlines of a tweet. It allows users to easily follow-up on specific subjects and track recent tweets on a given topic in real time.

Twitter takes up the responsibility to censors trending hashtags that are offensive or abusive.

Direct message– Direct Message allows privacy on twitter. Texts or messages can be sent privately to a twitter user or group of users. This feature allows you to have private chats with your followers about tweets or other things.

The New Galaxy S8 From Samsung Will Have 10nm Technology

According to Samsung, their new Galaxy S8 phone will have the only existing 10 nanometer semiconductor. They are planning on expanding this technology in the future to other phones.  The Vice-President of Samsung Electronics, Jong Shik Yoon, is very excited about the technology and says that it shows that Samsung is an industry leader.

Experts say the 10nm technology is similar to the 14nmm technology but the 10nm technology is better designed and can do things that the 14nm technology cannot do. One of the things the 10nm technology offers is a better 3D transistor. The improvement in technology will make the Samsung phones perform more than 25% better and the phones will use around 40% less power based on what Business Wire says.

See Samsung previous release: Samsung galaxy sa7 edge

Samsung has not said specifically which of their new phones will have this new technology but they say it will be in a new phone soon, probably within the year. Experts are theorizing that they will put their new technology in the new version of their very successful Galaxy model when the release the S8. The reason that experts think this is how technology will be released because the new Galaxy phones are usually released during the early months of the year and then the Note phones are released a few months later. Samsung has not said when the Note 7 will be replaced with a new model.

It is thought that the Galaxy 8 with the 10nm technology will be virtual reality enabled. The 4K display and the other technology will be able to keep up with the newest virtual reality games. Tech Times reported that the Qualcomm Snapdragon 830 which will replace the Snapdragon 820 in the near future will use the 10nm technology and Samsung will provide this technology for the Qualcomm phones. Experts expect this technology to show up in a Samsung phone in the first part of 2017 and to become the norm in Samsung devices before long.

Trump and Bitcoin

The financial panic of the Donald trump presidency is providing a brief period increase, using their worth increasing considerably subsequent Trump is triumph in the forms on Tuesday to internet values like Bitcoin.

Bitcoin increased following a selection outcomes to some a lot of $737, based on Coindesk, up recently from its $707 cost once the industry closed. Comparable increases were reported by additional digital values, TechCrunch documented, such as the ZCash that was fairly new.

Many of them have settled along with Bitcoin sinking to around $ 720, after a preliminary increase. The truth that they spiked at-all, however, means the triumph of Trump may be the newest proof that internet values are dealing with the part that platinum usually performs during intervals of financial anxiety.

But hoarding Bitcoin might as dangerous as secure traders appear to believe. The internet trades that individuals use to industry internet values have progressively been susceptible this season to coughing. In August, after finding a safety break Bitcoin trade Bitfinex was compelled to prevent trading, with $6million in electronic currency.

A hacker apparently took $50-million value a competing currency, of Ether to Bitcoin. The possible robbery lifted stress inside the internet currency neighborhood, despite guarantees that the crack not affected the fundamental forex trading system.

After which there’s legislation and the lifestyle of cyber values themselves: it’s uncertain what Trump’s placement on Bitcoin is, but he’s fall securely against additional engineering controversies like quitting handle of the Web is Domain Name System and guarding online neutrality. However the good news is you can still get Bitcoin VPS for a very cheap price.

What’s obvious is the fact that the Trump management should deal using the legitimacy of trading Bitcoin, with what offenses individuals accused of taking it must cost. Such instances happen to be operating their approach through the surfaces, including an incident in a situation judge in California where the judge decided that since Bitcoin wasn’t real cash, a defendant who took $1,500 of it might not be billed with money laundering.

The Differences in Coding and Marking Ink Technologies

The marking and coding industry provides a variety of methods and applications for imprinting batch codes, UPC codes, QR codes, “sell by” dates, “best if used by”” dates, expiration dates, and other crucial markings on a wide range of products.

Due to the improvements and diverse methods of printing delivery involved in coding and marking, it’s essential to know about the differences in technologies. The following will briefly discuss these technologies.

Continuous Ink-Jet – CIJ

Continuous Ink-Jet printers, also referred to as CIJ for short, provide a non-contact, high-speed method of printing. CIJ printing is used for printing tracking codes, logos, product names, and other such applications on manufacturer production lines. This technology is popular because it’s fast, efficient, and offers versatility in printing on most materials. Small character printing is one of the applications used in CIJ printing. The high-speed at which CIJ is capable of is useful for keeping up with fast production lines.

CIJ technology works by ejecting a high-velocity, continuous surge of ink through a nozzle. The ink stream is broken down into identical beads of ink at about 80,000 drops per second. Each droplet is charged then deflected to print dot matrix characters. The droplets that aren’t deflected are recirculated, recycled, and returned to the ink storage tank. While all CIJ printing uses the same general technology, not all printers are the same in design.

High-Resolution Ink-Jet

Thermal ink-jet or piezo-electric printing processes are categorized under the high-resolution in-jet method of printer technology. These printing systems are for high-quality, large logo and text printing as well as for small character traceability data printing.

This printing technology yields the highest quality print resolutions achievable. Character sizes are highly flexible from small to large depending on the system you choose. Industrial inks used in high-res printing are formulated to be environmentally-friendly, but come in limited colors.

Piezo-electric printer technology operates through sounds waves that move the ink from the nozzle and onto the material. Thermal ink-jet technology is an injection process where vapor bubbles are drive the ink from an orifice where droplets are forced out of the print head and onto the material.

Drop-on-Demand – DOD

Drop-on-demand technology, or DOD, is an intensely reliable printing method used for printing very large, high-quality logos that can be several feet in size. While that is its primary specialty, this technology can also be used for association marks, grade marks, pattern marks, and smaller marks like batch or date codes.

DOD printing technology is considered the most economical methods as it conserves ink by printing only the amount of ink drops required with little waste. This technology is flexible and can adapt to nearly any application.

That covers the basics of various types of industrial printer technologies available for reliable and compliant coding and marking. It’s wise to know as much as possible about these technologies and the inks compatible with them before you choose one for your business. Remember that being compliant with governmental regulations and industrial standards is vital to your business.

Article by Needham Ink