The importance of website security

Website’s Security is an ongoing issue and it’s growing as time passes, platforms are becoming more secure but many unexperienced webmasters are also showing up with the Internet’s popularity on the rise and don’t know many of the basic security precautions they should take when developing their website on a web hosting.

The most basic precaution and that has always been suggested is to make regular backups of your site. It’s not uncommon for sites to get hacked into and “defaced” if such a thing happens and you don’t have a backup you may as well say goodbye to your whole website. Make sure to always keep a backup on your computer and not only on your web hosting because your web host may get hacked as well and files can get deleted backups included, if you keep a backup in your personal computer such things are close to impossible unless you get your computer hacked into.

If you’re using WordPress CMS then there’s also 2 basic precautions you should take to ensure 100% safety.

By default wordpress has the admin login page at /wp-admin/ you should change this either manually on your webhosting or get a plugin called “Protect your Admin”. This way no one will know what’s the URL for the admin to login, thus preventing possible brute forcing attacks.

Another important thing is change your Admin username, by default your admin account username is “Admin” you should definitely change this to something else more personal so hackers don’t know which username to brute force into, you may also download the plugin “WordFence” which will tell you if someone tried to bruteforce into your admin account.

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Innovation in Beauty: 3 Ways Technology is Changing the Beauty Industry

It’s no secret that humans have technologically advanced more in the last 20 years then we have in the last 500 years and there is no sign of us slowing down anytime soon. Most people won’t know this but this leap in technology is also clearly visible within the beauty industry as well. This isn’t anything new technological advancements go hand in hand with advancements in beauty throughout the different civilizations in history. From the Victorian ages when only the rich and elite class wore makeup and applied perfumes and colognes due to it being very expensive. Then to the 1920s when thanks to mass production and industrialization beauty product’s and clothes could be made in bulks making it affordable to the great masses of people.
The recent technological advancements have truly had a big impact on beauty and will continue to do so into the foreseeable future. It won’t be possible to list every single impact that the beauty industry has felt due to advancements in technology because the list will just be too long. I will just list the top 3 ways technology has and will continue to impact the beauty industry in a big way.

1. The Internet Factor!

This has to be the biggest impact technology has had on the beauty industry it doesn’t depend what part of the industry you look at whether its clothes, beauty creams or beauty products. No matter where you are now in the world if you want some new beauty cream you can get it online. If your curious how a certain curling iron performs you can go online and read some customer reviews before you decide to buy. The internet has made the customers smarter they want the best product for their money. But this isn’t bad for the beauty industry because this has opened up the customer base it’s not local anymore its global and the demand for good new beauty products is never ending.

2. Access to at Home Specialist Devices

Technology has come so far that now it’s possible for men and women all around the world to buy and use specialist beauty devices which before to get access to you had to go to a high end beauty salon. A couple of very good example of these devices has to be at home laser hair removal machines and the at home laser for wrinkles.

In the past couple of years at home laser hair removal devices have been introduced to the market that are as effective as the laser hair removal treatment you can get at your medium level beauty salon. These devices are continuously upgraded every couple of years as technology evolves improving their results and making them safer. Its widely believed that the new models of at home laser hair removal machines in the coming years would be more effective than those you find in your local salons because those aren’t upgraded while these are.

The beauty industry has also been forced to re-accept past rejected devices which have improved themselves by taking full advantage of the technology available to them. A good example of this is the hair removal epilator which was rejected by women in the 90’s as being too painful and bulky. Now it’s made a quite a popular comeback due to the industry accepting technology as much as possible. The best hair removal epilators make use of hair lifting technology that actually lifts using special sensors within the device to build in frequency massagers that massage the skin and make it easier and more effective to remove the hair.

3. Customized Beauty

Due to the availability of technology beauty is becoming more and more personalized and it will continue long into the future. The days were men and women would just buy a simple cream for acne at their local pharmacy might leave us in the next 10 years. If you walk into a good level beauty salon or shop you would easily see the futuristic diagnostic tools. From the Harrods Ioma machine to the Organi DNA test each being used by major salons and beauty shops to bring a more customized and effective skin care solution to there customers.

How to protect yourself against email spam?

Email spam is something that almost everyone suffers from and that everyone hates – it ranges from something as harmless as an unwanted sales email about some product that you have never heard of, right through to a scam email that includes an attachment riddled with viruses and tries desperately to convince you that opening that attachment, and infecting your machine, is the right thing to do.

How to prevent spam

Be careful who you give your email address out to

The first and most important thing to understand about email is that your address is precious – don’t give it out to just anyone and everyone, protect it and only give it to people or companies that you trust, and that have a reason to be emailing you as a part of their Email sending campaign.

It is a very simple rule – the more people you give your email address to, the more likely you are to receive spam, eventually. Even though you may think that a company is legitimate and will take care of your address that isn’t always the case.

Unsubscribe where possible

Whenever you do receive an email that you are not interested in receiving always check near the bottom for an unsubscribe link – ALL genuine email senders will include an unsubscribe link that you can click on in order to prevent them from sending you future emails.

How to detect fraudulent emails

So you can’t always stop the spammers from getting to you, but when those spam emails do get through to your inbox make sure you don’t end up getting a virus from them or even worse be defrauded by the senders.

Check the real from address

The first step is checking the from address – sometimes senders of spam will create a fake from address so that it appears as if you know the sender. You can normally find the real email address by double-clicking on the from address itself to show the full email, or you can click on the reply button – because if a spammer is expecting a reply from you they will often show a fake from email to gain your trust but then use another email address that they are monitoring for the reply-to address.

Vet Links

Links are one of the most common ways in which spammers will try and get you on to their system where they can infect you with viruses and so on.

A very common trick is to show a link that appears to be going towards a genuine site but actually is going somewhere else entirely.

A good example is this link that appears to be going to google –, but if you click on the link, you will see that it actually goes to

A very easy way to check these links when they arrive in an email is simply to hover over them – the real destination URL will then be displayed in a “tooltip” window next to your mouse. Even if you cannot determine whether the real URL is safe, if it is very different from the URL of the link text then that is a good indication that there is something suspicious going on.


Attachments are the best way in which a spammer can infect you with a virus or trojan so they should always be treated as suspicious. Spammers can hide viruses in many different types of files including ZIP files, Word and Excel documents and even PDF files.

the best advise when dealing with attachments is to always treat them as suspicious unless you can prove otherwise.

For example, you receive an email that appears to be from FEDEX about a parcel you are waiting for, and it has an attachment – even if you are waiting for a parcel, dont trust that email or the attachment unless you see the shipment number in the email and it matches up with the shipment number you already have on your files – the reason for being so cautious is that spammers intentionally disguise emails as companies that people are often likely to be dealing with and even worse, spammers will sometimes profile their victims before hand and send very targeted emails that will at first appear to be trustworthy.