Mohammed Akteruzzaman

Gender Male
Region Asia/Pacific
Nationality Bangladesh
Residence Bangladesh
Languages English, Bengali (fluent); French (basic)
Nominated by
Endorsed by Youth Caucus

Personal statement

As I know that the terms "Internet Governance" is not a clear definition. As long as IG will be forms some common structure to make the Internet more effective and better for our life. But this will be as open and without any censorship to express freedom of expression.I am very well known about Spam and other Internet related terms. I am also a CIW (Certified Internet Webmaster) holder.I completed B.Sc (Hons) in Computing and Information Systems. I joined WSIS Phase one as Multimedia Consultant (Youth Delegate) of Ministry of Science and ICT of Bangladesh. I am also present a number of presentation at "WSIS", "WSA", "Global ICT Summit" etc.

I was involved with our government "ICT Policy 2002" and also review this policy with others member recently. My latest presentation was "Country ICT Paper" and "Digital Divide:Perspective Bangladesh" at "Global ICT Summit 2004 - Hongkong". I am also working very closely as civil society member of WSIS Bangladesh Working Group from last year.

As a jury member of World Summit Award, I worked several times with more that 40 countries expert to evaluate best products around the world which showcased at WSIS Gala event. I am also a founder member of GABDD(Global Alliance for Bridging Digital Divide) where 25 members representing their own countries. I also participate WSIS events and speak on "Bangladesh Events".

I will try my best to provide my maximum effort to show the world that youth could do better even at policy level and as they are the biggest user of online community so youth could take a very significant role at WGIG. I will able to attend physical meeting too. I am fluent in English and Bengali (National Language of Bangladesh and Wes Indian) and some working (Speaking) knowledge on French.

I also established "Bangladesh Youth Forum on ICT", "WSIS-II Youth Bangladesh" and "Bangladesh Multimedia Association". As I had a very good relation with our government, I could do better. And my involvement with "World Summit Award" as "Expert Panel Member for Bangladesh" and "Grand Jury" of "Global Contest" could make some addition value to represent youth at WGIG from developing country like "Bangladesh".