Beatriz Busaniche

Gender Female
Region Latin America
Nationality Argentina
Residence Argentina
Languages Spanish (fluent); English (good)
Nominated by
Endorsed by Latin America & Caribbean Caucus (main list)
Also indicated as alternate by the Patents, Copyright and Trademarks WG.

Endorsing statement

As a female member of Fundación Vía Libre Argentina and NGO Hipatia (Both acredited to WSIS organizations), Miss Beatriz Busaniche has participated actively in the whole WSIS process from the Southern hemisphere. She is actively engaged in Education, academia and research caucus / family (Civil society bureau member), in the Patents, Copyrights and Trademarks (PCT) working group and member of the Latin American Caucus (LAC).

She has some technical background and expertise in Free Software issues as well as development perspectives.

Her affiliations are generally of civil society in areas of education, PCT, LAC and member of the civil society bureau during the first phase as delegated from the Centro de Teletrabajo y Teleformación from University of Buenos Aires.

Beatriz Busaniche speaks Spanish (native) and English.

Mrs Busaniche understands the work entailed by the WGIG and will be available; being from the South, her ability to be physically present will depend upon location and financial resources, though.