Marco Cappato

Gender Male
Region Europe
Nationality Italy
Languages Italian, English, French (fluent)
Residence Italy
Nominated by Robin Gross
Endorsed by -
Indicated as alternate by the Patents, Copyright and Trademarks WG.

Endorsing statement

A Member of the EU Parliament from Italy (1999 - 2004), Marco has demonstrated leadership and knowledge in several high technology policy issues. Specifically, Marco was a parliamentary draftsman on a number of key initiatives to protect individual privacy rights in electronic communications and ensure safe processing of personal data. And he was active in the EU Parliament's Committee on Citizens' Freedoms and Rights, Justice and Home Affairs.

Marco proposed amendments to the 2004 EU IP Rights Enforcement Directive that would have protected consumers engaging in non-commercial copying from being punished as if they were large commercial pirates. He also was instrumental in getting its original ban on technical devices removed from the final directive. Marco was active in parliament to protect innovation and competition against the proposed EU Software Patents Directive. He has been a strong voice in Europe against Hollywood's attack on Internet file-sharing.

As a member of the EU delegation at WSIS in Geneva, Marco worked to include support for civil liberties and the promotion of free and open source software in the official WSIS documents. Marco has also represented his NGO, the Transnational Radical Party, at the United Nations since 1997. He currently volunteers his time (full-time) to this NGO.

Marco currently belongs within civil society, although he also has a solid background working within government, as a former Member of the European Parliament from 1999-2004 from the Lista Bonito region of Italy. He is a currently full-time volunteer for his NGO, the Transnational Radical Party. He speaks fluent Italian, English, and French.

Mr Cappato understands the workload and is available during this time frame as outlined.