Jonathan A. K. Cave

Gender Male
Region Europe
Nationality United Kingdom
Residence United Kingdom
Languages English (fluent); French, German, Dutch (good)
Nominated by
Endorsed by Scientific Information WG

Endorsing statement

Dr. Jonathan Cave is a game theorist and regulatory economist. He is a senior economist at RAND Europe (, an independent think tank), and senior lecturer in economics at the University of Warwick.

With RAND Europe, he has worked on network evolution (helping draft the Limelette Declaration), governance and security, the governance of the Information Society, patent, copyright & trademark issues (including economic and regulatory issues related to naming, knowledge exchange, software patenting and trade over the Internet), information security and assurance (analytic support for the activities of the Information Assurance Advisory Committee (IAAC)), cyber-trust and the economic, socio-polictical and environmental sustainability of the global networked knowledge society.

His relevant University research and teaching currently centre on telecommunications liberalisation and regulation, the joint evolution of network structures and behaviour and the prospects for intelligent infrastructures.

He is a founder member of the Brussels Chapter of the Club of Rome. He was trained at Yale ,Cambridge and Stanford universities, and formerly worked for the Bank of England, the US Federal Trade Commission and the Universities of Illinois and California.

Dr. Cave belongs to the civil society sector, and participates in the WSIS process through several accredited NGOs: the Global eSustainability Initiative (GeSI) ( ); RAND Europe (, the Club of Rome ( - via the Brussels chapter) and the Civil Society Scientific Information group (SI). During Phase I he participated in Prepcoms 2 and 3 and the summit in Geneva, where he authored a position paper (from the EC project TERRA2000) and spoke at several official side-events.

Dr. Cave is not affiliated with any current Internet governance entity.

We believe that Dr. Jonathan Cave would bring several significant contributions to the WGIG: a deep understanding of the economic and regulatory issues relating to the evolution and governance of the Internet, a familiarity with policy institutions, developments and analysis in the US and European contexts, a social perspective on security and privacy, a 'mechanism design' perspective on networked governance institutions and a concern for the broad sustainability implications of Internet governance.

A citizen of the United Kingdom. he is fluent in English and has good skills in French, German and Dutch.