Enrique A. Chaparro

Gender Male
Region Latin America
Nationality Argentina
Residence Argentina
Languages Spanish, English (fluent); French, Portuguese, Italian, Latin (good)
Nominated by
Endorsed by Latin America & Caribbean Caucus (main list)
Patents, Copyright and Trademarks WG

Endorsing statement

Enrique Chaparro is an specialist in the fields of computer security and information systems architecture. He works as an independent consultant, and has advised a large number of public and private organizations in Latin America and the U.S. He has given conferences on his technical fields, and on technical and philosophical aspects of free software, for universities and organizations in Latin America, Europe and the U.S. He currently represents Argentina in Technical Committee 11 (Security) of IFIP (International Federation of Information Processing). His past and current professional memberships include: IACR (International Assn. of Cryptologic Research), IEEE Comp. Soc. TC on Security and Privacy, the evaluators community of AES (Advanced Encryption Standard), Security Issues on Network Event Logging working group (IETF), among others. Former Invited Lecturer in the post-graduate course on Computer Law, Facultad de Derecho y Ciencias Sociales (School of Law), Universidad de Buenos Aires. Member of Fundacion Via Libre, a WSIS-accredit CS organization. Former member of the Redaction Committee for the Digital Signatures Bill, Ministry of Justice, Argentina. Author of a large number of papers and articles on computer security, social implications of technology, and free software. Contributor to several Bills for information technology policies and use of free software in the government in Argentina, Peru and Colombia. Mr. Chaparro holds degrees in Mathematics from Universidad de Buenos Aires, University of Waterloo and Royal Holloway - University of London.

We believe that Enrique would bring two significant contributions to the WGIG: A deep technical perspective on security and privacy, and their implications for Internet governance; and a vision from the South, reinforced with his research on the relationships between technology and social issues.

Mr. Chaparro is not affiliated with any current Internet governance entity. He belongs to the civil society sector, and participates in the LAC (Latin America and the Caribbean) Caucus and in the PCT (Patents, Copyrights and Trademarks) working group. He is self employed. A citizen of Argentina, he is fluent in Spanish and English and has good skills in French, Italian, Portuguese and Latin.

With regard to the Latin american Caucus, mr. chaparro presented a complete position paper about this issues, that could be checked here: