Georg Greve

Gender Male
Region Europe
Nationality Germany
Residence Germany
Languages German, English (fluent)
Nominated by
Endorsed by Patents, Copyright and Trademarks WG

Endorsing statement

Georg Greve is a phycisist with background in Biophysics and Nanotechnology and software devloper with more than 15 years of experience. As an activist for Free Software, he has been speaker for the GNU project, author of the "Brave GNU World" and initiated the Free Software Foundation Europe (FSFE)[1], as the president of which he has been working the past years.

Mr. Greve has taken particular interest in the WSIS as co-coordinator of the Patents, Copyrights and Trademarks (PCT) working group, chair of the European Caucus and member of the German governmental delegation on behalf of the coordination circle of German civil society to most conferences of the first phase.

Outside WSIS, much of his interest is with Free Software and how freedom and independence are benefitting all aspects of life in the South and also the North. His affiliation rests solely with Free Software and the FSFE, for which he is working full-time.

As part of this work, besides regular contact with the European Commission, Mr. Greve has on occasion spoken at or participated in events by WIPO, World Bank and ILO (at its ITC).

Mr. Greve is fluent in German (native) and English (near-native).