Linda D. Misek-Falkoff

Gender Female
Region North America
Nationality USA
Nominated by herself
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Personal statement

I would like to submit my name (my self) as one advisory to the Members of the Working Group. This would therefore not take up a Member seat unless thought proper to apply as Member. My Internet and other network experience spans early 1960's through the present and hopefully will continue.

I attended WSIS-I in Geneva and participated in several fora; there are in the air invitations to do some teaching in Tunis. I have the honor and experience of being on the Net from early ARPANet days, being on the small team at IBM Research which designed GML / SGML, and forerunners e.g. of xml. I now look to my golden anniversary (that is 50 years) in computing and online. Some of my early software science and other is /it /ict) publications are online via the ACM and ERIC and other systems. The works of my students also can be found on the Net.

In law, I have litigated cyberlibel and other internet related cases in court. Here as well as in matters of technical and systems venues, governance on a values base is very important and the issues are many.

I am intimately participating in the current meetings toward a Disability Convention (Treaty) at the U.N. in New York, where access and governance are major concerns. The recent call for multistakeholder constituency emphasis at the evolving U.N. is also related.

I hold Ph.D.'s in Computing and the Humanities, have four decades of work in online systems and text processing/analysis and document matters of wide scope as well as particular applications - from requirements through design and coding, evaluation and delivery.

I am and believe I am considered an informal person and friendly, a Californian by birth now in NY.

If you have other questions please just let me know. I hope you will not mind this note. Having been through around four decades of governance as well as systems and technical topics regarding computing and information systems, I would be delighted to participate respective to the S. General and everyone's interests and participation.

Please call on me, in any aspect, where you feel I can be of help.

And sending best wishes, LDMF, Linda D. Misek-Falkoff, Ph.D., J.D..

For Identification: President and International Ambassador, The National Disability Party;
Member Planning Committee 57th Annual U.N. DPI NGO Fall Meetings at the U.N. in NYC;
Member Disability Caucus to the U.N. Disability Convention (Treaty); and Caucus Steering Comittee.
Recording Secretary & Member of the Board of Directors, Communications Coordination Committee for the U.N.;
(, Member Subcommittee on Older Women (of the Committee on the Status of Women; other U.N. and outside human rights and information intensive NGO's.
Internet Presence (Design, Use) 1960s - including member of design team for GML forerunner of HTML, XML, and founding/moderating online discussion lists.