Steve Mushero

Gender Male
Age 38
Region North America
Nationality USA
Residence USA
Nominated by -
Endorsed by Gender Caucus

Endorsing statement

Steve Mushero is an Inter-Disciplinary Technologist working in the software, biotech, nanotech, and manufacturing industries. He has spent over fifteen years in software systems and manufacturing, typically as CIO or CTO, building companies and sophisticated products, along with more recent work in nanotech and biotech.

Steve draws on an unusually broad and deep background in business and technology to forge links among and between various technology and business needs. His latest projects include CIO for a Fortune 1000 company and global public health systems. He is also writing a book on the off-shoring of white-collar service jobs to Asia.

Steve also works with a number of philanthropic organizations, with a focus on women's entrepreneurship and girls' education, in addition to sustainable entrepreneurship in challenged local communities and developing countries. Steve also holds a number of existing and pending patents in Internet data exchange, biotech software, and a variety of mechanical and marine systems. He holds an undergraduate degree in Electrical Engineering from Rensselaer and an MBA also from RPI and the International University of Japan.

Steve is available for any activity that requires his services.