This is a list of the people who have been nominated by civil society caucuses or by individuals on the plenary list or on the IG Caucus list. The last column shows which nominees received official endorsement by one or more caucuses.

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Name Nationality Endorsed by
Carlos Afonso Brazil LAC Caucus (2)
Md. Akteruzzaman Bangladesh Youth Caucus
Peng Hwa Ang Singapore -
Diogo de Assumpção Brazil Youth Caucus
Karl Auerbach USA -
Karen Banks Australia Internet Governance Caucus
Vittorio Bertola Italy Internet Governance Caucus
Beatriz Busaniche Argentina LAC Caucus (2)
Marco Cappato Italy -
Jonathan Cave UK Scientific Information WG (6)
Enrique Chaparro Argentina PCT WG (3), LAC Caucus (2)
Eung Hwi Chun S. Korea -
Susan Crawford USA -
Avri Doria USA/Israel Internet Governance Caucus
William Drake USA Internet Governance Caucus (alt) (1)
Raul Echeberria Uruguay LAC Caucus (2)
Matyas Gaspar Hungary Telecentres WG (7)
Georg Greve Germany PCT WG (4)
Gus Hosein Canada/USA Privacy & Security WG
Hiroshi Kawamura Japan -
Wolfgang Kleinwächter Germany IAMCR Task Force for WSIS,
Internet Governance Caucus (alt) (1)
Ronald Koven USA Media Caucus
Linda Misek-Falkoff USA -
Jacqueline A. Morris Trinidad-T. Gender Caucus
Steve Mushero USA Gender Caucus
Taran Rampersad Trinidad-T. Telecentres WG (8)
Robert Sagun Philippines Youth Caucus
Bruno Salgues France -
Joseph Sarr Senegal Cities & Local Author. Cauc. (9)
Richard Stallman USA PCT WG (5)
Marlyn Tadros Egypt Arab Caucus
Mario Teza Brazil LAC Caucus (2)
Gregory J. Walters ? -
Aidan White Ireland Media Caucus
Pindar Wong Hong Kong -

(1) = The Internet Governance Caucus has indicated three names, but is considering whether to indicate two more.
(2) = The Latin America & Caribbean Caucus split and five nominations were received.
(3) = The PCT WG nomination of Enrique Chaparro includes Federico Heinz (Argentina) as alternate.
(4) = The PCT WG nomination of Georg Greve includes Beatriz Busaniche (Argentina) as alternate.
(5) = The PCT WG nomination of Richard Stallman includes Marco Cappato (Italy) as alternate.
(6) = The Scientific Information WG nomination of Jonathan Cave includes Francis Muguet (France) as alternate.
(7) = The Telecentres WG nomination of Matyas Gaspar includes David Leeming (Solomon Islands) as alternate.
(8) = The Telecentres WG nomination of Taran Rampersad includes Karen Delgadillo (Ecuador) as alternate.
(9) = The Cities and Local Authorities Caucus nomination of Joseph Sarr includes Marie N'Daw (Senegal) as alternate.