Robert Sagun

Gender Male
Region Asia/Pacific
Nationality Philippines
Residence Philippines
Languages English, Filipino (fluent); Japanese, German (basic)
Nominated by
Endorsed by Youth Caucus

Endorsing statement

Mr. Sagun is the Policy Coordinator of the WSIS Youth Caucus and has been actively engaged in WSIS Phase 1 as National Coordinator of the Philippine WSIS Youth Campaign and Youth NGO Adviser to and Member of the Philippine Government Delegation in PrepCom 3 and the Geneva Summit. As Policy Coordinator of the Youth Caucus, he is tasked to facilitate inclusive participation of young people and their perspectives on Tunis Phase issues and stakeholder debates through organization of intensive e-consultations and writing of policy papers.

During the Asia-Pacific Regional Preparatory Conference held in Tokyo, Japan last February 2003, Mr. Sagun spoke on "Youth Perspectives on the Information Society" in an NGO Panel. Having been heavily involved in national and regional level youth preparations and campaigns, he was invited to speak in a youth panel during the Geneva Summit.

As to governance issues, he has wide experience in international environmental governance and policy processes such as in the UN WSSD, UNEP, UN Forum on Forests and UN Commission on Sustainable Development as a member of global youth caucuses and contributor to offical youth dialogue papers and statements. Concurrently, Mr. Sagun is a member of the UN CSD Youth Caucus Structural Working Group and President of the Youth Volunteers for Sustainable Development (The Philippines). He is likewise a member of the MDG and Youth Ad Hoc Working Group dealing with youth engagement in the UN Millennium Project and contributor to the draft UN Habitat Children and Youth Strategy. Being part of these youth networks and the broader Civil Society community at the global, regional and national spheres, Mr. Sagun can act as an infomediary for and convenor of young people and CSOs to the Internet Governance consultation process as well as share his experiences and expertise on global environmental governance relating it with Internet Governance.

He has a strong understanding of issues around multi-stakeholder partnerships and diplomacy, civil liberties on the Information Society, and ICT for Development. He believes that the debate on Internet Governance must not only concern about technical, political and legal issues but, most importantly, the social development aspect of broader ICT policy processes. He is well adept to the workings of ICANN and IETF and to the technical issues around Internet Governance.

Mr. Sagun is a member of the Asia Regional Caucus and ICT and Environment Working Group. He keeps track of online discussions at the CS Bureau, CS Plenary and IG Caucus lists and feeds these info to the Youth Caucus list. As Policy Coordinator of the Youth Caucus, he is in charge of making connections and reviews literature between the recently concluded global forums/workshops on Internet Governance organized by the ITU, UN ICT Task Force, OECD and the UN WGIG. He has drafted and finalized the WSIS Youth Caucus' official input to the WGIG open consultation recently held in Geneva.

He works as an independent researcher on environmental sustainability, ICT for Development and strategic poverty reduction issues. He has been part of research teams that were commissioned by international and regional development organizations and donor agencies to conduct studies on different topics of interest.

Mr. Sagun, a Philippine national, works and lives in Quezon City, the Philippines. He is proficient in English and Filipino, the Philippines' national language. He has taken up basic language courses on Japanese and German.

Given the nature of his profession and as part of his responsibility to the WSIS Youth Caucus, Mr. Sagun is able to meaningfully contribute to WGIG through the organization of e-consultations and writing of the Youth Caucus' Tunis Phase policy papers, which will feed into his active engagement in the physical work and deliberations demanded by the WGIG, including the consultation process.