Bruno Salgues

Gender Male
Age 49
Region Europe
Nationality France
Residence France
Languages French, English, German (fluent); Italian, Spanish (basic)
Nominated by himself
Endorsed by -

Personal Statement

i am french and professor in INT Institut National des Telecommunications (National Institute in Telecommunication) in France

i am a pioneer on use of network in france, more of twenty year ago now professor in a ingeniering university and MBA on telecommunication

Member of civil society

i prefere french speaking

about smsi, i have participate on the process on the beginning some person can attest on my presence on preliminary discussion and prepcom1 on geneva phase.

Il est nécessaire qu il y ait des candidatures francophone pour la pluralité des débats

La société civile européenne ne peut être absente

Rôle d'expert que joue l'institut national des télécommunications dans le monde