Aidan White

Gender Male
Region Europe
Nationality Ireland
Residence Belgium
Nominated by
Endorsed by Media Caucus

Endorsing statement

White is the General secretary of the International Federation of Journalists (IFJ). The IFJ covers journalists' groups in every part of the world. It has offices in Asia, Africa, Latin America and Europe and speaks on behalf of the professional and social rights of journalists.

White has specific experience, knowledge and interest arising out of representation of the world's largest journalists' group for the last 17 years.

White is the author of a number of texts on this subject including Pluralism and Democracy in the Information Society (1996) and the extensive IFJ submission to the WSIS Part One (2001). He was the chair of the European Union Working Party on Social and Democratic Values in the Information Society, 1998-2000 and has written for and acted as a consultant for Council of Europe and UNESCO on aspects of this subject.