Technology in the real estate business

Along with the booming of internet marketing and with the increase in the use of technology we became more and more surrounded by all sorts of interesting software solutions, that were able to ease our lives, to make our jobs easier , to improve our productivity or to respond to issues that in the past were impossible to solve.

For instance, imagine what would have meant to sell a property (if you were working as a real estate agent) a couple of years ago. You needed to present some pictures to a potential client, and then that client would have needed to come and see the real estate property, to understand better how are all the rooms and to see a clearer image before buying. But in the present the things have simplified a lot with the existence of virtual tours (that are able to present a more clearer image of the property to a potential buyer) and simplifies a bit the work of the real estate agent.

And the above example is only the tip of the iceberg, as in fact, todays software solutions are able to do much more that explained in the above example, as for instance a virtual tour software that is also showing related content to a certain room, to the material used in the construction, or information related to the size of the rooms.

In fact, it is very easy to understand that technology has changed completely the way we are doing marketing – as the online has brought not only better exposure and targeting, but also a lot of technological enhancements that improve the product and the way we can present, sell, or promote a certain product.

Also – tools like Google Analytics, Adwords, Search console and social media advertising are providing big overall changes to the real estate businesses.