Compress PDF files

Portable Document Format or PDF files as they are better known, are the norm when it comes to transferring or submitting documents electronically. Their cross platform compatibility and pristine print appearance gives them an unparalleled advantage over other options. Be it Windows, Mac OS, Linux – converted PDF documents, graphics and forms are always print ready. Even when in today’s world where data storage is increasing exponentially, there is definitely a need to compress these files in order to upload them to websites and in some rare cases even to email them. There are a fair few options to compress your PDF files. Let’s just walk through 2 or 3 ways this process can be achieved.

The 1st method is making use of Adobe Acrobat’s own settings. You can open the PDF using acrobat and then click Save As. Following this you can see under File Options, a box labelled “Reduce File Size” You can now save the file and make sure you check the compatibility of the file so that it can easily be opened in older and newer versions of Acrobat software.

The 2nd method is exclusively for Mac OS users, and the majority of them are not aware of this technique as they quickly tend to install adobe reader or other third party PDF viewers. Basically, by default, PDFs open as previews in a Mac. If they don’t you can browse and locate the actual file -> Right Click-> Open with and select “preview”.

All these methods can be effective but can prove to be a hassle at times with updates and aesthetic changes. A simpler method is to use an online service to compress PDF files. These online services are free to use typically and are very quick. The compression techniques they use vary from site to site and will 90% of the time offer you a better compression ratio.

All you have to do is upload your file to their cloud and the compression takes place in their backend and the file, based on the website will be either emailed to you or be available to download in the click of a button.

Especially these days we are inundated with a multitude of companies advertising and highlighting their benefits. With the aforementioned website it’s a one and done kind of solution. Also one thing we need to be mindful off when it comes to PDF compression is that different solutions offer varied results based on whether the PDF comprises of graphical elements or just text. So when compressing files online make sure you check the files thoroughly for any alignment changes.

There are usually a plethora of sites to choose from which deal with PDFs. If you deal with PDFs, conversions and compressions on a semi frequent basis you can utilize This website offers every service you can possible think of dealing with PDFs so that you can compress, convert how many ever times you like. The blog and the tutorial sections will aid you in the process too!