Document Storage and Collection

The clichéd phrase ‘time is money’ may seem to slip past the minds of many people but it is well ingrained into the minds of those whose primary work involves data collection.

Data intensive industries like money lending, mortgage brokerage and real estate often have a large number of employees dealing with a multitude of paperwork to finalise and process applications.

This can take a lot of time and is also an indication that your firm isn’t moving with the times. That’s where services like ezidox can really come to the fore and help. Let’s look at some of the benefits of using ezidox.

Streamlined Workflow and Storage

Accessing documents from a variety of online platforms or searching through piles of papers is inefficient and a time waste for professionals. A centralised system of storage ensures you do not need to login to ten platforms to retrieve a number of files.

ezidox has a simple system, were all you have to do is scan any file and store it. You will be able to login as a sender or as the collector and have access to all the necessary documentation.

With ezidox, you have a central system where all your customers’ documents are stored and can be accessed from anywhere and anytime.

Improve Customer Experience

Tensions can rise when a document is misplaced by either party. More so, a lack of clear communication between multiple parties can have adverse effects on customer experience.

With ezidox’s platform you can solve all of these issues in one fell swoop and ensure you have a positive interaction. You can pull up documents from the database on any device and discuss requirements clearly.


Protecting customer information is of paramount importance, especially when sensitive information is involved.

That’s where ezidox’s system encrypts all the documents and stores them in cloud services that have industrial level security. You can protect yourself in the event of an audit too by showing the exact flow of information between you and the client. The trail is neatly laid out for the benefit of the sender and receiver.

Take advantage of all these features and more and improve your productivity by getting started on your free 30 day trail today by visiting