How to find reliable hosting

If you are new to hosting and are in need of a very reliable hosting provider there are a few questions that can pop into your head as you move forward.

How to select a hosting plan?

When selecting a website hosting plan, you must first determine what you want to do with your website, while some room for growth should also be factored. If you have a large website or if a large number of images and/or videos are being hosted, then a larger disk space allocation will be needed. If you expect that a high volume of visitors will be arriving at your website, then you should opt for a package that comes with more bandwidth. If you need CGI, MYSQL, and PHP, then you should a plan in which these features are included.

Looking up reviews before signing up is very important as well – that way you have a much better idea of what to expect from any particular host. You can visit sites likeĀ in order to find out detailed info about different hosting providers.

Is it possible to upgrade accounts?

Yes, it is, a website hosting account can be upgraded at any time. All that needs to be done is to log into the domain account and then the desired hosting upgrade can be selected.

How soon does a hosting account get setup?

Website hosting service providers setup hosting accounts right away. Once the account is setup, they send a confirmation email that contains the FTP and login information. It takes 24 hours for the domain to propagate, so files cannot be uploaded to the account during that time.

Is it possible to host multiple websites?

Yes, it is, multiple websites can be hosted, but a separate website hosting plan will have to be setup for every website.