Guest Blogging isn’t dead just yet

About two years ago, guest blogging was thought to be a thing of the past. As a matter of fact, Matt Cutts from Google told the blogging world to stop guest blogging for getting backlinks because it was futile. That was mostly due to the problem of spam and low-quality content in some guest blogging venues. Bloggers were told don’t guest blog and don’t use guest posts on your blog for content on your site.

What should you know about guest blogging?

  • Good quality content boosts your SEO and helps boost your blog and your posts for guest blogging. What Google hates is spam content that is repetitively spewed across some websites. That is what’s dead.
  • Obtaining links from authoritative sites is ideal for getting better domain search ranking. Unless a site has a “no-follow link”, that isn’t helpful.
  • Social media sharing from top-rated, popular, trendy accounts comes with perks.

However, that whole guest blogging is dead ordeal was overly exaggerated – mostly due to spam and repetitive content that offered no value.

Here is why guest blogging or posting isn’t dead:

  1. Guest Blogging Reputation is Important

If you read blogs at all, you will notice that there are several guest bloggers out there across the blogosphere. HubSpot, Forbes, Harvard Business Review, MarketingProfs, and other highly visible and reputable websites use guest bloggers.

When you stick to reputable and credible blog sites, you will benefit from it. You get your own byline and you get to showcase your writing talent and be an authority in your industry. An important aspect of guest blogging is to learn the guidelines, terms of use, and rules for each site that offers guest posting.

  1. Authoritative Links to Your Site

Links from authoritative sites are important for getting a higher domain search ranking. Your domain name is important to search rankings. Your domain name should reflect what you do, or what your site is about. It can be clever or simple, but it needs to work with what you do.

You must take care not to be too generic or try to make it industry-specific or your domain will get lost amongst the competition and millions of search results. If you do use something too generic, you can fix it by using page title tags, H1 tags, and very specific and targeted meta tags.

A Moz survey regrading search engine ranking factors proved that links to a site and page are more important than your on-site factors.

This is one reason that guest blogging is crucial to your SEO and for getting traffic to your website.

  1. Social Sharing from Influential Accounts is Vital

Everyone knows that virtually anything can go viral through social media sharing. Even some of the worst images and videos make it there. Social median channels like Facebook and Twitter still make the best outlets for sharing. If you guest blog with a site like TechTarget, you may find they are good about social sharing guest bloggers’ work. Once that happens, retweets and more Facebook shares continue from those popular social media accounts.

Google loves it when content gets retweeted and re-shared through social media through influential accounts. It makes the content more credible to the search engines.

Once you engage in guest blogging for the right sites, using quality content, and sharing on social media, your blog will climb the SEO ladder to success.

This article was contributed by Fred Harrington.