The New Galaxy S8 From Samsung Will Have 10nm Technology

According to Samsung, their new Galaxy S8 phone will have the only existing 10 nanometer semiconductor. They are planning on expanding this technology in the future to other phones.  The Vice-President of Samsung Electronics, Jong Shik Yoon, is very excited about the technology and says that it shows that Samsung is an industry leader.

Experts say the 10nm technology is similar to the 14nmm technology but the 10nm technology is better designed and can do things that the 14nm technology cannot do. One of the things the 10nm technology offers is a better 3D transistor. The improvement in technology will make the Samsung phones perform more than 25% better and the phones will use around 40% less power based on what Business Wire says.

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Samsung has not said specifically which of their new phones will have this new technology but they say it will be in a new phone soon, probably within the year. Experts are theorizing that they will put their new technology in the new version of their very successful Galaxy model when the release the S8. The reason that experts think this is how technology will be released because the new Galaxy phones are usually released during the early months of the year and then the Note phones are released a few months later. Samsung has not said when the Note 7 will be replaced with a new model.

It is thought that the Galaxy 8 with the 10nm technology will be virtual reality enabled. The 4K display and the other technology will be able to keep up with the newest virtual reality games. Tech Times reported that the Qualcomm Snapdragon 830 which will replace the Snapdragon 820 in the near future will use the 10nm technology and Samsung will provide this technology for the Qualcomm phones. Experts expect this technology to show up in a Samsung phone in the first part of 2017 and to become the norm in Samsung devices before long.