How to Use Twitter

Twitter, just like any other free social networks requires you to sign up; full name, phone number or email and a password would be required. You will also need to create a username which will be your public name.

Once your account is activated, begin searching and following other accounts whose posts (Tweets) interest you. Twitter will also recommend great accounts once you are signed up.

Twitter is very simple to use. After your account must have been activated, you can now upload a profile pic and update your bio. After then you can begin posting tweets by entering you message (140 character limit) in the ‘what’s happening’ box. Anytime, you can also delete tweets on your twitter account. You will also notice there is a news feed; it is where you will see what everybody following you is posting in real time.

However, to receive feeds you will need to follow other users too; it could be friends, celebrities and so on. You are allowed to follow numerous persons, as much as you want and you can also decide to ‘unfollow’ them when they seem less interesting.

In addition to your tweets, a few tags or commands can also be included for an amazing experience.

@username– Used specifically for messaging someone on twitter, you simply type @ and his or her username and enter your post.

They will get a notification in their feed whether they are following you or not. However, note that protected tweets would disable users who are not following you to seeing your mentions or replies.

Retweet RT”- A retweet is displayed as ‘RT’, It is simply re-posting of tweets. This feature allows you to retweet your own tweets or if you love or admire a tweet posted by someone.

Simply retweet by pressing the button, this automatically inserts the tag ‘RT’ and username of whose tweet you are retweeting.

Hash Tags ‘#–   #hash tags are allowed on twitter to specify the topics or headlines of a tweet. It allows users to easily follow-up on specific subjects and track recent tweets on a given topic in real time.

Twitter takes up the responsibility to censors trending hashtags that are offensive or abusive.

Direct message– Direct Message allows privacy on twitter. Texts or messages can be sent privately to a twitter user or group of users. This feature allows you to have private chats with your followers about tweets or other things.