Why you Need a Gaming Projector

Have you ever been playing on your favourite game and just thought to yourself something is missing from this experience? If you have then you probably need a gaming projector. If you are used to playing your console and PC games on a normal TFT monitor or even a television screen you may be thinking to yourself that a projector just wouldn’t cut it. But you might just be surprised at the quality of today’s gaming projectors.

The truth is that with a decent gaming projector you can get a fantastic gaming experience and one which will far surpass the experience you can have with a standard monitor or TV screen.

This article will cover some of the many reasons why you should consider a gaming projector if you want to improve your experience when playing computer games as well as console games.


Let’s cut straight to the chase, price is a big consideration for most people and purchasing a decent size LCD screen or TV can be very expensive. This is one big reason why a gaming projector is a great option because they are much cheaper in comparison to any other type of gaming display.

Size of Screen

Size is a big consideration for most gamers – the bigger the size of the screen or viewing area the better the experience. This is simply because with a bigger screen you can see more of the action and you can see less of the real world (Normally consisting of the room in which you are playing your game). So, this makes it easier to immerse yourself fully in the game that you are playing.

Projectors are a great option when it comes to size because you can get a very large viewing area without breaking the bank. Gaming projectors can easily go up to 100” displays and having this type of size in a TV would cost you a fortune.


Gaming monitors also come with very impressive resolutions so you don’t have to worry about the quality of your experience when using a projector. What’s more, the latest technologies mean that gaming projectors can have crisper and brighter displays than most LCD screens.

Connectivity Options

You might be worried that you will not be able to connect your PC or your console to a gaming projector but have no fear – the latest projectors all have lots of connectivity options making them easy to set up and install regardless of what you are using to play your games.

You can even get wireless gaming projectors if you have constraints in terms of where you can run wires and where you want to install your projector in relation to your console or PC.

If you are still not convinced then have a look online at some of the YouTube videos showing the impressive quality and size of gaming projectors – you will soon realise that the technology behind them is amazing and once you purchase one you will never go back to playing games on a TV or PC monitor.