Self-Destructing Email Address

Do you get frustrated when every single website or service that you sign up for demands to have your email address? Well you are not alone, this is an annoyance faced by everyone on a daily basis – it doesn’t matter if you are doing your online shopping, buying clothes in a department store or even paying for your electricity bill every company wants to know your email address.

These companies normally justify the need to know your email by saying that it is the easiest way to keep in touch with you, it is more friendly to the environment than sending you a physical letter in the post and its convenient for everyone.

This isn’t the full story though – the main reason why every company wants your email address is so that they can bombard you with marketing emails, spam messages and generally try to sell you something new at every opportunity.

Enter the self-destructing email address

Well now there is an effective way to fight back these companies and it comes in the form of a self-destructing email address.

Here’s how it works: You visit the website that is providing the self-destructing email service, for example there is one called There are quite a few of these sites but this one is particularly easy to use. Once on the site you must first confirm that you are a human by filling in one of those captcha forms. Then you click on the get email button and you are presented with a strange looking email address. Why is it strange? Because its randomly generated and it is purely for you to use and then throw away.

So the next step is to take that email address and then use it to sign up for whatever service it is that you are planning to use.

Here’s why you need the self-destructing email address – in the old days you could simply make up an email address to give to the provider, but they got wise to that and now most companies will require that you confirm a link that they send via email before they will activate your service. Why do they do this? Simple; so that they know they can contact you (And spam you) on that email address. With the self-destructing email service, you can receive and confirm that email using the online inbox.

Here is the best part – as soon as you confirm that email and get your service activated you can destruct that temporary email address so they can never send you a single marketing email again. In fact, if they try to send any more emails to the address, they will just disappear into thin air.

So there you go, you have a full proof method of signing up for any service that requires you to input an email, you have a way of confirming that email address and then you have a full proof system of not receiving one single marketing email from that company after you sign up with them.