7 Travel Accessories That No Technology Enthusiast Should Overlook

Travel accessories are often seen as a necessity. They add some extra convenience to your trip, but many others are all about being fun. They’re simply too cool to miss and they can take your holiday to the next level. You’re right – this is about travel tech gadgets. Smart tools keep changing round the clock and can successfully turn a regular trip into the experience of a lifetime. Here are the best things to include on your list!

Sandless Beach Mat

Traveling to a place on the seaside? Chances are you’ll spend a few hours on the beach even if you travel with business purposes. While you can always use a chair or a regular towel, a sandless beach mat becomes the optimal solution in terms of convenience. Basically, this mat is literally impossible to get sand on it. It was originally designed for the military, yet it’s not available for those who are sick of blowing sand off their towels every 5 minutes. Plus, forget about the sticky sand too!

Travel Vacuum

No, this isn’t about vacuuming your hotel room before you leave. Instead, it’s about drawing all the air from your suitcase. Everyone knows how daunting it is to pack. Eventually you’ll have to jump on the suitcase to be able to zip it. It’s even worse when you come back because you don’t feel like folding clothes properly, not to mention souvenirs. The travel vacuum will detect pressure due to a built-in sensor and remove all the air from your suitcase. Basically, you can save up to 50% in space, leaving plenty of room for other small things.

Video Recording Sunglasses

It sounds a bit futuristic, but video recording sunglasses are now available to everyone. Not only they look good and can protect your eyes, but they will also record snaps of your everyday adventures. Sure, you can always use your smartphone, but you’re less likely to come up with a proper video. After all, you’ll have to hold it with one hand, so all those cool activities won’t look so cool anymore when you post them on social media. With these sunglasses, you provide a first person experience.

Foot Warmers

Traveling to a cold area? Foot warmers represent a must! Their main role is to make cold weather activities more comfortable. Nothing special so far! But when you can control the temperature with a remote controller, your whole experience goes to a new level. These gadgets come with a tech thermal feature that keeps your feet both warm and dry. They are water resistant and have a built-in thermostat to keep the temperature at the right level.

Multipurpose Bag

Your suitcase is directly responsible for what you can take. Sure, you’ll have to respect some standards if you fly, but generally, most suitcases barely have one or two pockets for small things – usually, on the outside. Safety first! A rolling upright duffel bag is more likely to provide a better organization. It has a separate bottom compartment – ideal for shoes or towels, as well as multiple pockets both on the inside and the outside. Organization has never been easier!

Wireless Speakers

Wi-Fi speakers allow you to play your favorite music anywhere – in the hotel room, on the deck, in your tent or during a picnic. They’re so versatile that they become a must-have accessory for any traveler out there. There are plenty of models out there, so choose something compatible with your smartphone.

Pocket Washing Machine

It makes no difference if you go camping or you choose accommodation in a fancy hotel. Laundry is often a main necessity that many accommodation sites overlook. A pocket washing machine seems hard to understand though. Luckily, you’ll find wash gadgets that can fit any bag. You need a few liters of water, as well as some washing liquid. Everything goes in a small bag. Turn the gadget on and do your laundry within minutes, regardless of the location.


In the end, all these gadgets are definitely designed to make your life easier. The list can go on forever, but these particular items are about both convenience and fun. In other words, they’ll save you time and money while adding a futuristic scent to your holiday. You can find most of these items at a retail store like Target, and lower the cost of your purchase by using a Target promo code.

5 Inspirational Quotes For Tech Startups Can Learn Wisdom From

As the tech industry continues to boom, more and more people are taking the leap of faith to quit their daytime jobs in hopes of making their dreams a reality. And while enthusiasm and optimism is essential if you want to make it in your industry, it’s also important to have some wisdom.

All too often many entrepreneurs make the common mistakes that most new business ventures make which is why so many fail. Whether if its not being prepared, not getting the right help, ignoring vital data, or trying to grow too quickly, young startups are not breaking through because they lack the experience and insights necessary to flourish.

So if you plan on launching a new venture, here are some inspirational quotes you can learn from:

  1. “Starting your own business is like riding a roller coaster. There are highs and lows and every turn you take is another twist. The lows are really low, but the highs can be really high. You have to be strong, keep your stomach tight, and ride along with the roller coaster that you started.” – Lindsay Manseau


This is a very important piece of wisdom for you to understand if you truly want to make it. All to often entrepreneurs new to the space get so excited when things go right that when they go wrong, it feels like its the end of the world.

Phil Jackson, one of the greatest NBA coaches of all time, used to teach his players to stay in the middle and not allow the highs and lows to effect you too much. This is why they called him the Zen Master.


  1. “Inaction breeds doubt and fear. Action breeds confidence and courage. If you want to conquer fear, do not sit home and think about it. Go out and get busy.” – Dale Carnegie


When things go wrong, it can cause you to second guess yourself and you begin to freeze and stop taking action. While it is important that you take the time necessary to learn from your mistakes, don’t let it paralyze you. Just keep pushing along even when it may feel like all hope has been lost. Just remember that every day gives you a new set of eyes.


  1. “From my very first day as an entrepreneur, I’ve felt the only mission worth pursuing in business is to make people’s lives better.” – Richard Branson


If there ever comes a point where you lose sight of what your mission is in your business, then just remember this quote from Richard Branson. Your only job is to create a product or service that makes people’s lives better. If you are not solving some sort of problem that people need help with, then your business is moving in the wrong direction.


  1. “What do you need to start a business? Three simple things: know your product better than anyone, know your customer, and have a burning desire to succeed.” -Dave Thomas


Here is a great inspirational quote from the founder of one of the largest fast food retailers: Wendy’s. When you think about when Dave started his business and read this quote, you can see here how it is timeless and will never change.

Every entrepreneur must be able to connect the dots between the customer and the product or service. In reality, you are just a bridge connecting the two as a maker of relationships.


  1. “It’s easy to get caught up in the day-to-day hard work of running a business and completely forget that while solving problems and building something you can be proud of, you also have an incredible opportunity to shape the future. Even better, you have the chance to meet amazing people and do amazing things along the way. It’s important not to get lost among the trees and forget about the amazing, beautiful forest you’re planting.” – Colin Wright


When you are trudging along on your day to day grind, don’t forget that the journey is a destination unto itself. The day to day work you do and the experiences you have are just as important as the final destination.

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The 10 Most Promising Startups of 2018

Among the crowds of rising startups, there are several that stand out. They have combined innovative ideas with substantial support from private equity firms. Robust business plans and copious financial backing poise these firms for success. Whether they are in the midst of a meteoric rise or have slowly grown into their own, these 10 companies are the startups to watch in 2018.

  1. LimeBike

The dockless bike-sharing company has come a long way since it launched in June 2017. In only a few months, the startup’s bright green bicycles have shown up on the streets of places as diverse as Seattle and Switzerland. The eagerness of venture capital companies to invest in the burgeoning startup spurred its growth, and in less than a year, LimeBike has snagged more than $60 million in funding. The startup currently provides more than 10,000 rides a day in the United States alone.

  1. NIO

The Chinese startup, founded in 2014, is poised to offer Tesla stiff competition in Asia and abroad. The electric car company achieved unicorn status in 2017, roping in more than $1.6 billion in funding. NIO recently debuted their electric SUV, the ES8. It retails at about half the price of Tesla’s basic Model X SUV, spurring speculation that Tesla will have trouble conquering the electric car market in China. NIO plans to use its new funds to develop self-driving cars and expand its operation into the US.

  1. Cloud 9 Perception

If robotics and automation are the future, Cloud 9 Perception is the time machine. Based in Arlington, TX this innovative startup is bringing vision and perception to robotics. Those cool robots at manufacturing plants will soon be aware of their surroundings and act intelligently based on what they see. Cloud 9 Perception develops custom hardware and software for Machine Vision Systems.

  1. American Well

When Roy Schoenberg moved to the US in the 1990s to attend medical school at Harvard, he never imagined that he would one day be the CEO of America’s hottest telehealth startup, American Well. With the help of his brother Ido, Dr. Schoenberg has built the Boston-based company into a juggernaut of modern healthcare tech. The service allows patients to bypass waiting rooms and exam tables by connecting users directly with healthcare providers over the internet. The company recently scored a coup when it inked a lucrative deal with Meuhedet, one of Israel’s largest HMOs.

  1. ByteDance

Owner of China’s popular Toutiao website and app, ByteDance has been busy acquiring hot new properties to expand its purview in 2018. Its most significant purchase to date has been Musical.ly, the video and music startup. According to reports, ByteDance shelled out $1 billion to purchase the video app. They also snagged news aggregator News Republic for $86.6 million. ByteDance hopes to use its latest funding round of $50 million to further expand in Asia and the United States.

  1. Remitly

Co-founded by Indian engineer Shivaas Gulati, Remitly allows users to send money transfers internationally from the convenience of an app. The app currently supports transfers to eight Latin American countries, India, and the Philippines. Based in Seattle, Remitly has attracted favorable attention from venture capital firms. Since its founding in 2011, the company has garnered over $200 million in venture capital funding. In 2017 alone, Remitly raised $215 million, the most significant financing round that year by any Pacific Northwest startup. The firm will use its new capital to expand its operations in the Philippines, where it recently rolled out a new service that allows cruise ship workers to make mobile payments without leaving their ships.

  1. Acko

With over 300 million smartphone users, India is the perfect market for online startups. Mumbai-based insurance startup Acko is targeting millions of mobile phone users who own motorized vehicles. Acko, which launched in 2017, has received a hefty seed round of $30 million from investors like Kris Gopalakrishnan, CEO of Infosys, and the Indian branch of American venture capital firm, Accel. Amazon is reportedly in talks with Acko to sign a landmark deal that would allow the online giant to distribute insurance through Acko. The startup is also planning to expand their focus to health insurance and travel insurance.

  1. Lemonade

Although started in 2015, the online insurance company has rapidly expanded into eight states, including California and New York. By providing a handy way to file insurance claims from a simple app, Lemonade has revolutionized the insurance industry. Investors demonstrated their confidence in Lemonade in 2017 with a funding round that reached $120 million. Lemonade intends to use their new funds to expand services to include additional states.

  1. Menlo Security

Based in Menlo Park, California, Menlo Security focuses on cloud-based cybersecurity and malware protection. The startup’s approach to malware prevention gained it attention from Sutter Hill Ventures and General Catalyst, who invested more than $45 million in the growing startup. The company began to gain traction in 2017 when they completed their Series C round of funding and added $40 million in funds. Menlo Security will use their latest funding to expand into Asian and European markets.

  1. Tala

Founded by charismatic CEO Shivani Siroya in 2011, Tala allows users to apply for credit from their smartphone. Rather than researching users’ backgrounds, Tala uses everyday activities to gauge trustworthiness and reliability. Venture capital firms have jumped on board to the tune of $44 million. Investors aren’t the only people attracted to the flourishing startup. Kevin Novak, Uber’s former head of data science, left the beleaguered company in December 2017 to lend his expertise to Tala.

Whether they’re focused on snazzy electric cars or insurance, these startups are ready to break out in 2018. They have combined fresh injections of cash with innovative business strategies to develop their brands. Some may just be starting, while others are ready for an IPO. Whatever the case, these growing startups have promising futures.

Business as a Service Where Virtual Meets Physical

If you look at all the innovations in the 21st century the Internet must be up there at the top. Not only is it a real feat of technology but it is such a huge enabler for business.

By far the most amazing thing about the internet, from a business point of view, is that it connects people together from all over the world. Once upon a time, if you were starting up a small business then you could only sell to people who were geographically near to you. Sure, companies could still export products all over the world, but the logistics of doing this – of finding those customers, building relationships and arranging transportation – were very difficult and reserved for large and well-established corporations with the budgets for doing so.

Along came the internet and made it easy, and inexpensive, for anyone to make international deals, for anyone to buy products at a low cost direct from the manufacturer and for anyone to connect with potential customers all over the world.

It Gets Even Easier Now, With Amazon FBA Business

That was just the beginning when it comes to the Internet making business more accessible for start-ups and entrepreneurs. Now with services like Amazon FBA Business not only do you have theoretical access to customers all over the world, you have easy access and you also have access to logistics, worldwide delivery, storage and many other facilities offered directly to you by one of the most successful logistics company in the world.

So, what exactly is Amazon FBA business? Think of it like business as a service. Amazon pretty much offer you a fully established business model as a service – so you have your product ready to sell, and they will do the rest. You can ship your product to them in bulk where they will then store it securely in their warehouse, it can take advantage of their global distribution network, you get access to their entire customer base, via their online retail outlets such as Amazon.com and you get the full product management facilities that Amazon themselves use.

If you have ever tried to set up such a business by yourself then you will know how much of a huge deal this is and just how much it lowers the barriers to entry that are traditionally associated with starting a new product driven business.

If you think this is great for business, its even better for the consumer. Barriers to entry tend to mean that the corporate giants have at least some form of monopoly in their respective industries – its very hard for anyone to compete with them, so they can sell at whatever price point they see fit, and the consumer has no say in the matter. With Amazon FBA business that all changes, anyone and everyone can compete with the big-guns, and on the same footing. Competition drives up quality and drives down price – two things that any consumer will welcome.