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CEO of Electronic Wallet Platform ‘PayToo’ Michel Poignant

It seems as though the French entrepreneur/computer tech/financial services developer Michel Poignant just recently appeared on the radar but he has actually been around professionally for some time. Although initially trained as a professional photographer, graphic designer and business manager, Michel has extensive marketing experience along with years of managing multi-national companies and global corporations, including many financial services organizations.

He has also been quietly contributing throughout the years, to the development of the PayToo electronic wallet platform, and collaborating in the formation of a group of products and services related to telecom, store value cards, prepaid cards, bill payment processing services and money transfers. He has been instrumental in the launching of many truly innovative products and services such as, the Moby-Desk, which was the first mobile desktop, and Photo Bingo, which revolutionized the consumer film industry by being the first roll film vending machine.

Mr. Poignant is currently the CEO (and founder) of PayToo Corporation and its numerous subsidiaries. His companies are run extraordinarily efficiently due to the comprehensive market strategies and superior, results-driven leadership and management skills Mr. Poignant brings to the table. His vast business experience has given him the ability to build cohesive, effective teams and develop team members’ skills and leadership potential.

PayToo Corporation provides services worldwide to consumers that may not have access to traditional banking services. The company is the first to offer an e-Wallet with universal mobile capabilities and PayToo also offers mobile phone solutions, VoIP, Prepaid Card and secured e-commerce payment transaction solutions.

Even though PayToo is a business, a very successful business, the company and its CEO, Michel Poignant takes time out for community service. Recently, at Christmas time in Fort Lauderdale, they partnered with Hope South Florida, and distributed food to the homeless population there. “We are proud and happy to help those who need the most, especially during the holidays,” says Michel Poignant. One of Michel’s and the company’s concerns is to provide services worldwide to consumers that may not have access to traditional banking services. “Since the beginning, PayToo Corp has held a pledge to eradicate financial exclusion by giving to the ones in need, proving our commitment by offering access to a secure and cost-effective financial solution.

Trump and Bitcoin

The financial panic of the Donald trump presidency is providing a brief period increase, using their worth increasing considerably subsequent Trump is triumph in the forms on Tuesday to internet values like Bitcoin.

Bitcoin increased following a selection outcomes to some a lot of $737, based on Coindesk, up recently from its $707 cost once the industry closed. Comparable increases were reported by additional digital values, TechCrunch documented, such as the ZCash that was fairly new.

Many of them have settled along with Bitcoin sinking to around $ 720, after a preliminary increase. The truth that they spiked at-all, however, means the triumph of Trump may be the newest proof that internet values are dealing with the part that platinum usually performs during intervals of financial anxiety.

But hoarding Bitcoin might as dangerous as secure traders appear to believe. The internet trades that individuals use to industry internet values have progressively been susceptible this season to coughing. In August, after finding a safety break Bitcoin trade Bitfinex was compelled to prevent trading, with $6million in electronic currency.

A hacker apparently took $50-million value a competing currency, of Ether to Bitcoin. The possible robbery lifted stress inside the internet currency neighborhood, despite guarantees that the crack not affected the fundamental forex trading system.

After which there’s legislation and the lifestyle of cyber values themselves: it’s uncertain what Trump’s placement on Bitcoin is, but he’s fall securely against additional engineering controversies like quitting handle of the Web is Domain Name System and guarding online neutrality. However the good news is you can still get Bitcoin VPS for a very cheap price.

What’s obvious is the fact that the Trump management should deal using the legitimacy of trading Bitcoin, with what offenses individuals accused of taking it must cost. Such instances happen to be operating their approach through the surfaces, including an incident in a situation judge in California where the judge decided that since Bitcoin wasn’t real cash, a defendant who took $1,500 of it might not be billed with money laundering.