VIEW26 – for Software QA Professionals

View26 is a powerful analytics tool designed from the ground up specifically for QA professionals.

This powerful Software QA analytics and reporting tool comes as an online platform that can be accessed from anywhere and across multiple device types. The platform provides QA professionals with everything that they need to manage, report on and analyse QA testing across multiple tools all from a central dashboard.

Connect Using Any Tool

The core concept behind View26 is to have a dashboard that connects all your other testing tools together. This means that rather than having to try and analyse data across different platforms you can bring all your data together and view it from a single dashboard.

Whether you are using test management tools such as HP ALM or defect tracking tools such as Atlassian JIRA, View26 allows you to easily connect those tools and bring the data together for global analysis and charting.

Access the View26 Dashboard from Anywhere

View26 has been built using the latest web technologies including HTML5 and ChartPlus – a bespoke charting solution. These technologies ensure that your dashboard and your QA charts will display correctly regardless of the device that you are using. This includes every device type from desktop computer to tablet and even mobile devices.

The beauty of this is the fact that you can access all of your test results, from all of your QA software, via a single dashboard and from any device and any location in the world.

Snapshot Point in Time Results

With View26 you can easily take a snapshot of your QA testing results at any point in time. This is ideal if you want to record the testing progress after each release of your software or if you want a benchmark to gauge against software improvement over time.

The SAAS platform comes with the ability to record and store unlimited snapshots and easily compare results at any point in the future.

Collaborate with Your Team

Not only does View26 provide you with a full access dashboard for all your QA testing but you can also share this dashboard with an unlimited number of users. This allows you to collaborate efficiently with the rest of your QA team but it also allows you to share QA testing results with your wider network. You can share results, charting and improvement graphs with your clients, stakeholders and anyone else who has a vested interest in the QA testing process.

Turbo Charge your QA testing Today

This really is just a short introduction to the power behind View26. The possibilities for this software are endless and once you have implementing View26 into your QA testing environment you can turbo charge your productivity as you will no longer have to worry about checking results across multiple data sources, updating the rest of your team with QA progress or preparing separate charts and statistics for your stakeholders. All those tasks and many more can be achieved from a single SAAS portal that is View26.