Diogo André de Assumpção

Gender Male
Region Latin America
Nationality Brazil
Residence Brazil
Languages Portuguese, English, Spanish
Nominated by
Endorsed by Youth Caucus

Personal statement

I've been following closely the work of ICANN since late 1998, being informed on most political issues involved in its creation, and also in many issues in the following years, like the 2001 NAIS report. Furthermore I've have also followed the developments of the Brazilian IG structures, from its early days to the last election to the managing committee earlier this year. I'm very interested in network security and have worked in many companies, having been involved in projects of major government bodies. Other areas of knowledge and interest are the pressing issues of spam, and the economic and social implications of the internet driven society. Technical skills range from basic networking to advanced internet routing and security. Currently a Computer Sciences student; working at the network security office of an electrical distribution company.

WSIS was my first and only close contact with a global governance process, during which I was actively involved in during the preparatory process, attending to two preparatory meetings and the summit, developed and co-coordinated a National Information Society Youth Campaign.

My experience comes from three different sources. WSIS process where I was present in two preparatory meetings as well on the phase 1 of the Summit; Working with GYAN, Global Youth Action Network , based at the TIG office in Toronto-CA and also at their office in Brazil; Participation in international events like the World Social Forum and International Scout Events. In all three situations I was in close contact with individuals from the most different places, working alongside in many different situations ranging from formal meetings to informal social events.

Full availability to develop collaborative online work; Conditional availability to participate in local meetings; Participation in international meetings is bounded to matters of funding. I'm proficient in Portuguese (mother tongue), English and Spanish.

Other technical qualities would be the deep understanding of the IP and IPv6 protocol, as well as ASNs and E-Mail systems, those skills can be important when trying to find innovative ways to help solve urgent problems like spam and child pornography. I'd like to add that I'm very willing to collaborate even if not selected to be at the WGIG, and also involve more young people from Brazil in the discussions to be able to provide a more democratic, creative and diverse view.