Raul Echeberria

Gender Male
Region Latin America
Nationality Uruguay
Residence Uruguay
Nominated by
Endorsed by Latin America & Caribbean Caucus (separate submission)

Endorsing statement

Raul Echeberria, Uruguayan, is an specialist on internet governance issues. Raul is author of many articles published in different newspapers, specialized magazines and websites, covering topics such as: Domain Names market, ICANN evolution, Internet Governance, SPAM among other generic Internet issues. He has broad and recognized experience in teaching and working in civil society organizations, such as:

* LACNIC (Latin American and Caribbean Internet Addresses Registry) - CEO Since 04/2002
* Member of the NAIS (The NGO and Academic ICANN Study) research Team under contract with the University of Oxford. 10/2000 - 04/2002
* Manager of the Latin-American and Caribbean Information and Communication Technologies Policy Monitor Project (APC LAC ICT Policy Monitor Project). The Association for Progressive Communications. 01/2002 - 12/2002
* Former member of the Name Council of ICANN on behalf of the Non Commercial Constituency, 1999.
* Founder member of the Non Commercial Domain Name Holders Constituency of ICANN and co-writer of the first Charter.
* Vice Chairman of ENRED "Latin American Network Forum" 1998 - 2001
* Member of the DNSO's Working groups B (protection of famous trademarks protection),C (new TLDs), and D (internal Procedures), 1999/2000.

He is a regular speaker in international events, forums and conferences around the work, like:
- RIR meetings in all the regions. (ARIN, APNIC, RIPE NCC, LACNIC, AFRINIC)
- WALC meetings.
- WSIS regional and global meetings.
- ISOC Workshop at WSIS 2003: "The Internet: The Players, its Legacies and its Future",  The RIR system. Geneva, Dec. 2003.
- UNCTAD (E-commerce and Development) "State of the Arts in the Domain Name Market", Montevideo, May 2001.
- Latin America - European Union Forum. Rio de Janeiro, Nov.2001. "Co-operation on Standardisation aspects. The approach in the Americas and the Perspective of Global Fora"
- ICANN's At Large Committee Meeting, Stockholm, Sweden. May 2001.  The Latin-American Evaluation and future's perspectives.
- Cainet 2000 Cairo, Egypt March 2000. Experiences in the development of Internet Technologies Training in Latin-American.