How to find reliable hosting

If you are new to hosting and are in need of a very reliable hosting provider there are a few questions that can pop into your head as you move forward.

How to select a hosting plan?

When selecting a website hosting plan, you must first determine what you want to do with your website, while some room for growth should also be factored. If you have a large website or if a large number of images and/or videos are being hosted, then a larger disk space allocation will be needed. If you expect that a high volume of visitors will be arriving at your website, then you should opt for a package that comes with more bandwidth. If you need CGI, MYSQL, and PHP, then you should a plan in which these features are included.

Looking up reviews before signing up is very important as well – that way you have a much better idea of what to expect from any particular host. You can visit sites like in order to find out detailed info about different hosting providers.

Is it possible to upgrade accounts?

Yes, it is, a website hosting account can be upgraded at any time. All that needs to be done is to log into the domain account and then the desired hosting upgrade can be selected.

How soon does a hosting account get setup?

Website hosting service providers setup hosting accounts right away. Once the account is setup, they send a confirmation email that contains the FTP and login information. It takes 24 hours for the domain to propagate, so files cannot be uploaded to the account during that time.

Is it possible to host multiple websites?

Yes, it is, multiple websites can be hosted, but a separate website hosting plan will have to be setup for every website.

Bus Simulator Racing

One of the hottest games to launch recently on the Google play store is Bus Simulator Racing. We are going to delve into the details and analyse why. First of all games for your phone or tablet need to be very engaging. People who play these are looking to immerse themselves into simulated scenarios to navigate and experience games. This is a shift from just wanting to pass time. Bus simulator racing does all of these and more.


It was developed by universal games and is a great pass time for kids and adults alike. We found the interface and controls very enjoyable. We were pretty eager to play after checking out multiple reviews on the play store. An ideal app to enjoy with its signature double decker bus and relaxing backgrounds. The graphics and animations are very smooth which makes the game very easy to enjoy. The aim to collect as many stars as possible by timing situations and make sure to race at the same time. You are simulating an environment where students need to be driven on time to school whilst navigating obstacles.

Technology has evolved to a point where just a mere tilt of your device is enough to perform a plethora of actions. In this particular scenario it allows you to steer the bus easy enough while enjoying a blissful orchestral music playing in the background. As you play more and more you can unlock various other missions and levels and compare yourself in a global ranking system that can really fuel your competitive nature.

Screen_5The app is a nifty 52 Mb, which could rise with further development. The animations and scenarios are good run and is pretty ideal for a tablet we feel. The developers have optimized the app to run on any and every android device on the market. If you are running a version lower than android 2.3 you might not be able to enjoy the game. But in all honesty we don’t think anyone is actually using a device that still runs android gingerbread or lower. Well if you are one of those readers who are, then it’s a great reason for you to get an upgrade.

The gaming market in android has become quite saturated but were once graced with amazing games like temple run, candy crush all those. We feel that bus simulator racing by universal games has the potential to make it to the top. The key is to provide pure entertainment value. You can download and install these game for free from the play store which is a huge plus side. Steer, drift and navigate the tricky challenge filled environment whilst being wary of narrow bridges, water and other dangerous situations. Try to get the passengers to school as quick as you possibly can and see where you stand on the global ranking bored. We feel this is a great system to bring out the inner competitor in most people. So that they may truly enjoy games. Click here to download from the play store.

Document Storage and Collection

The clichéd phrase ‘time is money’ may seem to slip past the minds of many people but it is well ingrained into the minds of those whose primary work involves data collection.

Data intensive industries like money lending, mortgage brokerage and real estate often have a large number of employees dealing with a multitude of paperwork to finalise and process applications.

This can take a lot of time and is also an indication that your firm isn’t moving with the times. That’s where services like ezidox can really come to the fore and help. Let’s look at some of the benefits of using ezidox.

Streamlined Workflow and Storage

Accessing documents from a variety of online platforms or searching through piles of papers is inefficient and a time waste for professionals. A centralised system of storage ensures you do not need to login to ten platforms to retrieve a number of files.

ezidox has a simple system, were all you have to do is scan any file and store it. You will be able to login as a sender or as the collector and have access to all the necessary documentation.

With ezidox, you have a central system where all your customers’ documents are stored and can be accessed from anywhere and anytime.

Improve Customer Experience

Tensions can rise when a document is misplaced by either party. More so, a lack of clear communication between multiple parties can have adverse effects on customer experience.

With ezidox’s platform you can solve all of these issues in one fell swoop and ensure you have a positive interaction. You can pull up documents from the database on any device and discuss requirements clearly.


Protecting customer information is of paramount importance, especially when sensitive information is involved.

That’s where ezidox’s system encrypts all the documents and stores them in cloud services that have industrial level security. You can protect yourself in the event of an audit too by showing the exact flow of information between you and the client. The trail is neatly laid out for the benefit of the sender and receiver.

Take advantage of all these features and more and improve your productivity by getting started on your free 30 day trail today by visiting