Plagiarism Checking with Technology

Plagiarism is a feature of lazy, immoral, who wants to achieve something through someone else’s work. There have been some famous people who plagiarized.

Dr. Martin Luther King was one of them. Some portions of his doctoral thesis were taken from other authors. Also, his famous speech “I have a Dream” was allegedly stolen from Archibald Carey.  Scientist   Jane Goodall was accused of plagiarism when she was about to publish her book “Seeds of Hope”. Her book allegedly contains borrowed phrases from Web sites such as Wikipedia and others that focus on astrology, tobacco, beer, nature and organic tea.

There are also names like Dan Brown, Justin Bieber, Barack Obama, Helen Keller, J.R.R. Tolkien, E.L. James, J.K Rowling, Nicki Minaj… These people are successful and well known in spite of accusations of plagiarism.

On the other hand, plagiarism has ended careers, destroyed reputations, students being expelled or suspended, caused a lot of damage overall. People need to understand that while plagiarizing they not only steal another’s work and ignore a huge amount of effort but also committing a crime. It is the case with two men, Jonah Lehrer and Jayson Blair.

Jonah Lehrer, an American author, is among those whose careers went downhill because of plagiarism. This thirty five year old man was very popular writer and speaker until his published works were recalled due to plagiarism and misused quotes and facts. Jayson Blair had a similar problem. Blair is a journalist, worked for The New York Times. But as we told before, plagiarism is not a good thing. Blair was indicted for plagiarism and fabrication in his stories. He resigned from the newspaper in May 2003.

A good thing is that plagiarism can be detected and prevented. In that way, writers, artists, composers… can create without a fear of being “robbed”. It can be prevented by teaching kids at their early age about the consequences of plagiarizing. Help them understand meaning of hard work. Let them use their creativity rather than copying texts from the internet.

There are lots of websites on internet to check the plagiarism free and paid. However you can use 2 main websites to detect the plagiarism of contents. You can visit this website or you can use this free plagiarism checker tool.