The Technology Behind Food

Food is something that we all take for granted. When you make a sandwich, or eat a Cheese Burger or even something as basic as an Apple you probably think nothing of it. We normally tend to think of food as just being available for us all the time.

Even when we think about where food comes from we tend to break it down into its basic form and then just assume that it’s taken an easy route from its source to our fridge.

Let’s take bread for example, we know it’s made using flour and ultimately comes from wheat. But is it really that simple?

The Process Involved in Making Food at Scale

The thing that we don’t normally think about is the scale at which our food is produced. It’s not like in ancient times where you would grow your own crops in your back garden, in today’s modern world most foods are produced in large centralized factories and manufacturing warehouses to supply the entire nation with that product.

Food is often exported to many different countries as well so the scale of production is something that you couldn’t normally imagine.

Taking bread as an example, it has to be made on a very large scale with thousands of loafs of bread being produced by the minute. The production line for bread is divided into several sections including Fermentation, Division and Gas reproduction, Moulding and baking as well as slicing and packaging.

After these processes, have been completed the bread also must pass through quality control.

When you consider how many different processes there are when it comes to the production of just bread alone you can see how complex food production is on such a large scale and when you consider how identical every loaf of bread is, it’s even more impressive.

Machinery Involved in the Food Production Process

It isn’t just the scale of food production that’s impressive. The Machinery that operates in food production environments is also very complex and technologically brilliant. Even the simple process of making bread requires complex pumps, computer controlled environments and other mechanical processes that are like something from a Si-Fi movie rather than the tools and technologies you would usually associate with food production.

Think Twice Next time you Eat a Sandwich

If nothing else this article aims to make you think twice next time you eat a sandwich – not that you shouldn’t be eating it of course, just that you should really take the time to consider the amazing technologies and the complex processes that went into making that sandwich. You think it took you too long to butter the bread and add the various fillings to it, just think about how long the manufacture of each part of that sandwich took and how many machines were involved in its production.

If nothing else, it sure is food for thought.