Smart Dog Toys

Technology is growing in every field. this even includes in the pet tech arena. Here are some of the new smart dog toys being introduced to the market which your dog is sure to fall in love with:


Foobler is a timed, self-loading puzzle feeder which helps rehabilitate your dog’s natural instinct to hunt and forage. Not only is it a lot of fun but it’s a great way to help them eliminate chewing. A mechanical bell goes off at 15/30/60/90 minute settings which you preset, to help keep your pet active and engaged.


GoBone is a smart dog bone designed to keep your dog entertained for hours on end, as well as you as you’re watching him play with it. Some of it’s interactive features are it moves around on it’s own, encouraging your dog’s prey drive and challenging them to catch it as it maneuvers in every direction, giving him hours of exercise whether you’re at home or away. It adjusts i’s behavior to your dog’s age, breed, weight, and play style to fully engage your pet. This smart dog toy can be remote controlled right from your smart phone allowing you to be in solved in all the action as well.



Cleverpet is the world’s first dog game console. It works dually as it keeps pooch entertained, giving them games to play while at the same time teaching them and developing their memory. There are several challenges built in, such as:

Exploring the Touchpad – Dogs quickly learn that interacting with the touchpad leads to food. This early challenge also encourages exploration by adaptively providing surprise food.

Mastering the Lights – Dogs can then master targeting by touching the one lit button. If he touches the wrong one he’ll have to wait before he can try again. He levels up by consistently getting it right.

Learning Longer Sequences – Solving this challenge requires him matching a pattern in the correct order. This challenge encourages agility and memory development.

Cleverpet can be completely controlled with your smart phone or tablet, with options to get live updates, change games, schedule playtimes, and keep your dog’s progress.


This automatic ball launcher allows your dog to play fetch on his own, perfect for those who don’t have the extra time each day to throw the ball around but who still want their pet to get their exercise and playtime in, as well as for seniors and those with mobility issues. It works by launching iFetch mini balls a distance of either 10, 20, or 30 feet, which your pooch will fetch and drop into the hole on top of the device. It can be used indoors or outdoors. This item can be ordered through PetSmart, and you can save money on it if you use a PetSmart discount code.

Ball Ready

This is another automated ball launcher which just recently ended its Indiegogo campaign as was introduced on the market. The difference between this pet tech device and iFetch is not on does Ball Ready auto launch balls but it also dispense treats when dogs fetch the ball. But this added benefit also deems it a bit more pricier.


Paydate is a durable pet ball ready for rough and tumble, equipped with a hidden camera, WiFi connection and the ability to roll around the floor at your command. Connect it to the Paydate app on your smart phone and you can use the directional touchpad to make the smart dog toy roll around on the floor enticing your dog to chase it no matter where you are in the world. It’s perfect for those gone long hours who need to alive pet boredom.

Disco Dog

This next pet tech device is for those dogs who love to draw attention t themselves. Disco dog is a wearable LED dog suit, equipped with bluetooth technology allowing you to manually customize it’s light sequence. This pet gadget is meant for the dog who loves to be the life of the party.


Furbo is a clever pet tech gadget with a fun and unique spin on the treat dispenser concept. Instead of just dispensing treats to your dog, it launches them across the room. This is great for those lazy pets who you’re always pushing to get off the sofa and get some exercise. There’s nothing that will make a dog run faster than him chasing after a treat! It also comes equipped with an HD video cam to watch the treat chasing action on your smart phone when you’re away from the home, a microphone and speaker allowing for 2-way communication (especially great for dogs who suffer from separation anxiety) and even a bark alert.

Thanks to technology, dog toys no longer just consist of 100 different versions of the ball. There are now all types of fun and creative tech toys out there now for dogs, these are just a handful of them.

IMEI Blacklist Checker

If you are one of those people who already know all about the power of the IMEI and what checking’s will occur if you checking it, then you are on the right place. The concept of IMEI changing is fairly new, but that doesn’t mean that the amazing news about this potent checking don’t spread like a wild fire. Everyone is talking about it, and everyone is excited to hear about it. I bet that you would be too; if you knew exactly what the IMEI Blacklist Checker can do for your cell phone device.

Why is the IMEI Blacklist Checker so absolutely amazing?

Well, first I will start from the obvious reasons:

  1. The IMEI Blacklist Checker is amazing as it is because once you checking it for a different IMEI code you gave your phone a totally new identity. This is especially amazing for all those users who bought their mobile phones from previous owners. There is no better feeling than to know that you made a bargain on your second hand mobile phone and you managed to erase all its past activities at the same time.
  2. The second reason is exciting for both: firsthand owners and second hand owners. The IMEI Blacklist Checker will bring you the equal amount of liberty to use your mobile phone wherever you go, on whichever SIM card you wish. The second reason is the SIM lock that comes in sync with the IMEI Blacklist Checker.
  3. The third reason is even more attractive. The IMEI Blacklist Checker erases your mobile phone from the black-list, if it ever was in such a list and immediately places it in the whitelisted handset.

These three were reasons enough for me to grab my laptop and search for the downloading link for the IMEI Blacklist Checker. The downloading and installing of the IMEI Blacklist Checker is exactly the same as you would download and install any other app or tool. There is no hustle about it. The resto of the process was the following:

  • First, I made sure I know the IMEI code that my cell phone device had. I searched the settings menu, because I know I had seen it there somewhere, and I finally found it under the ABOUT PHONE sub-menu. I copied it from there and saved it for later.
  • Then, I connected my mobile phone to my computer with the USB cable. My USB cable was connected to the charger but if you have a different charger then your USB cable must have come separately.
  • I opened the tool and entered the following important information:
  1. The IMEI code of my mobile phone.
  2. The network provider that I was using at the time.
  3. The country
  4. My email address.
  • When everything was carefully filled-in I just clicked on the IMEI BLACKLIST CHECKER option, which in my version of the tool was in the bottom right angle.
  • After fifteen minutes or so, I checked my email address, as I was advised to do, and there I found a new message.
  • The email that I got informed me that the IMEI Blacklist Checker was done and I received a new IMEI code in case I want to have it.

I immediately inserted a new SIM card, from a different mobile network operator to see that at least one of the checkings was true, and to my surprise, there it was! I not only managed to checking the IMEI but to unlock my handset at the same time!

Good luck to you too!

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Water and Melanin

Authors: EnQi Sang Real, Antonia DuQuesnay, Chase DuQuesnay

Affiliations: no corporate or academic affiliations

The human population the world over in particular African Americans suffer from a epidemic of preventable premature death due to a lack of knowledge regarding the true nature of Human Physiology.

Hydrohemophotophysiology is the name of the science which views all water base d cellular life as a singularity, a function of the particle (photon[which exist outside of elemental physicality]) and the wave (water made of two gases).

This scientific discipline in 8 years of application and research has made a incredible stride, if not completely solved the health conundrum of the Global Population. The solution to this epidemic is to institutionalize the proper care of the various pigments present in the body ie.. eumelanin (alpha & beta) a dark gold to black pigment found in all cellular systems of the body, pheaomelanin a yellow  to brown pigment found in all cellular systems of the body, rhodopsin a purple pigment found in the eyes & skin, neuro-melanin a black to purple pigment found embedded in large clusters neuronal tissues, hemoglobin a bright red to dark red pigment found in blood and tissue, zeaxanthin & lutein yellow pigments found in the eyes, bile/bilirubin a deep yellow to brown pigment found in various organs; which facilitates the biological relationship of Water & Electromagnetic Radiation.

Regarding the proper intake of water, human cells should always be just over isotonic leaning towards hypotonic in the same fashion that healthy blood leans over neutral p.h. towards alkaline.

The higher a cell’s capacity for water is the higher it’s potential for the electrochemical processes and reactions that maintain health. The more turgid a cell is the more efficient the cell will be able to utilize various forms of electromagnetic radiation. Turgidity and pigment density are the major two factors in biological photovoltasim.

Photons create photomechanical and photothermal energy when absorb by living creatures.

Photothermal energy begins with subcutaneous vibration activating brown adipose tissue’s ability capacity for thermogenesis which helps to maintain cellular metabolism as well as body humour integrity via pigment’s ability to utilize heat as Infrared energy. This Infrared energy is used   to further organize charge into layers of negative charge and excreting positive charge (protons) via urine, feces, gas via exhalation & skin emission (which can be a measure internal vapour pressure calculable with the Antoine equation) and sweat. It must be noted that the photoelectric effect and biological systems creates a cascade of events not just electricity.

Each cell and tissue has it’s origin in sphere shaped silica based micro clustered water with a high surface tension which becomes embryonic stem cells. These cells as well as all healthy cells have and must maintain a negative charge potential which dictates that our food and drink should have a negative charge potential or high oxidation reduction potential.

The power of hydrogen is compounded by the natural vortex flow patterns initiated by the heart and lungs in the blood, by exercise in the lymphatic fluid and breathing in the body’s interstitial fluids and plasmas.

Lack of health and health education systems built around these very basic operations of the human body are the sole cause of the global population’s epidemic of premature death.

Summary: Water uses oil to hold pigment because pigment translates light, heat, sound and all other forms of electromagnetic radiation into biological information. This information structures the water molecules thus the life that arises from and depends on water.

Abstract: Melanated people the world over are suffering from easily preventable and in many cases reversible illnesses. The major key to reversing this global epidemic is the relationship between melanin, biological cells, water and electromagnetic radiation.

I have studied water 20 years by examining all of the clinical and theoretical papers, lectures and data I could get my hands on then creating or recreating experiments to verify my findings. I created and coined the phrase Black Genetics denoting the study of the specifics of Melanated people’s biological intricacies and unique nuances simultaneously as I researched water. After 14 years of intense research and development I founded the scientific discipline Hydrohemophotophysiology which has allow it’s students including myself to reverse clinical blindness,  cancer, diabetes,  nerve and spine damage, life threatening gun & knife trauma among many other potentially life ending situations.

My resea rch on Water and Black G enetics lead me to a couple of original concepts of which here I  will state three: Ohm is the sound of the electron (useful in harmonizing or self organization of one’s internal waters), human life arose from the water & the difference in races arose from the different “types” of water found on Earth which are infinite and lastly, which is of the most importance to this paper; is that eu-melaninated people have two major differences in biochemistry from every other “race” of people on Earth: seleno-proteins in it’s pigment peptide/protein structure as well as a much longer potential lifespan due to the ability of eu-melanin to structure water at a higher rate than pheo- melanated and non melanated races the world over.

The major key to understanding how the statistically “sickest” people in America could have this benign healing potential and die from metabolic, autoimmune, cancerous disease lies in the lack of knowledge surrounding the relationship of water, pigment and electromagnetism.

Main Text: Electromagnetic Radiation is absorbed by water which leaves a physical imprint of information via molecular geometry & electromagnetic signature. This creates a plethora of possibilities if properly understood however in regards to the health of melanated people the world over, the key is the imprinting or structuring process itself.

Two substances have been tested and proven as requirements for the structuring of water: 1 a hydrophyllic surface and 2 electromagnetic radiation particularly infrared. The human body was designed to use this process to maintain its health.

Tyrosine being the key amino acid in Eumelanin production is also the blue print for the peptide/protein’s overall structure. Tyrosine is unique among amino acids for a few important reasons:


  1. Tyrosine has a high ability to absorb UV radiation
  2. Tyrosine has a high ability to absorb Infrared radiation
  3. Tyrosine serves the same purpose in plant kingdom pigment as it does in humans: In chloroplasts tyrosine acts as an electron donor in order for the conversion of light into
  4. In animals tyrosine is a precursor to neuro transmitters and increase the plasmic density of neurotransmitters in
  5. Due to it’s special characteristics tyrosine is reduced in the brain without the help of enzymes to produce neuro-melanin.


The core of Eu-melanin as a peptide/protein is hydrophobic however its “skin” is extremely  hydrophilic thus making Eu-melanin soluble in water. The hydrophilic nature of Eumelanin combined with its ability to absorb, store and translate electromagnetic radiation give it the highest efficiency at structing water on Earth.

The major act of water in structuring itself is purification. When water is exposed to E.M.R.

particularly infrared in the prese nce of a hydrophilic surface, it begins to push anything foreign to its makeup out of its circumference, once water begins this process it also pushes out protons (positive ions). Urine, sweat, exhaled gas es and fecal matter all have a positive charge (excess protons).

Every group of humanity including the European races as well as Albinos which have little to no skin pigment are pigmented on the inside. This accounts for the many documented cases of water alone curing and reversing a multitude of metabolic, immune and sub-cellular diseases.

The nervous system and brain are composed of and/or function via transition metals. The key to this function is the ability of transition metals to store hydrogen in pure form. Hydrogen is such a light element it can only remain in Earth’s atmosphere bound to the other elements which changes its bio- availability and properties or with transition metals. In transition elements palladium is the ultimate as it can store up to 900 times its weight in Hydrogen.

C onclusion: Eumelanin (a photovoltaic protein) as the #1 fashioner of molecular geometry in rega rds to water which can be used to reduce and eliminate the epidemic of diseas e affecting Eu- melanated people the world over. The Mucus Membrane of Eu-melanated people absorbs  and stores E.M.R. that the body’s water molecules use for form and function. This process can be used to rege nerate and purify the entire human body under the right conditions. The extends to Mental health via the Pineal Gland’s ability to absorb the non-visible forms of light and convert them into bio- available information as the brains sits in a tub of electrified “waters”.

References  and Notes :

Mona Harrison, Dr. G erald Pollack, Dr. Richard King, T. Owens Moore, J ewell Pookrum.

In the makeup of human melanin selenium and sulfur decide the formation of either eumelanin or pheomelanin. In eumelanin seleno-proteins in pheomelanin you have cysteine alone as a result of selenium deficiency and/or the presence of sulfur thiols, this is a result of tyrosine’s susceptibly to sulfation.

The human heart emits E.M.R. that is documented to structure water. Many people who  have verified and documented the effects of earthling or grounding which we have termed screwing in, falsely attribute the miraculous effects on health solely to the repository of negative ions in the outer layer of Earth’s crust. The overlooked Elephant in the room is the emission of Infrared waves from the Earth that structure the body’s water. This is the natural function of the lymphatic system with its melanocyte stimulating hormone, melanocyte and melanin content.

Infrared emission comes from Hydrogen. The Sun and Jupiter our home stars as well as the Earth which is crystalized hydrogen called Ringwoodite, liquid hydrogen in our planet’s waters, solid hydrogen in various forms including carbohydrates and proteins as well as gas es/plasmas in transition metals all feed us Hydrogen.

All biological functions must be re-interpretted as functions of water and melanin including but not limited to consciousness as I stated in my books Cellular Water and The Quantum Mind State almost a decade ago.

Acknowledgements: Kamani Tait, Dealow Morgan, S herita Bagby


VIEW26 – for Software QA Professionals

View26 is a powerful analytics tool designed from the ground up specifically for QA professionals.

This powerful Software QA analytics and reporting tool comes as an online platform that can be accessed from anywhere and across multiple device types. The platform provides QA professionals with everything that they need to manage, report on and analyse QA testing across multiple tools all from a central dashboard.

Connect Using Any Tool

The core concept behind View26 is to have a dashboard that connects all your other testing tools together. This means that rather than having to try and analyse data across different platforms you can bring all your data together and view it from a single dashboard.

Whether you are using test management tools such as HP ALM or defect tracking tools such as Atlassian JIRA, View26 allows you to easily connect those tools and bring the data together for global analysis and charting.

Access the View26 Dashboard from Anywhere

View26 has been built using the latest web technologies including HTML5 and ChartPlus – a bespoke charting solution. These technologies ensure that your dashboard and your QA charts will display correctly regardless of the device that you are using. This includes every device type from desktop computer to tablet and even mobile devices.

The beauty of this is the fact that you can access all of your test results, from all of your QA software, via a single dashboard and from any device and any location in the world.

Snapshot Point in Time Results

With View26 you can easily take a snapshot of your QA testing results at any point in time. This is ideal if you want to record the testing progress after each release of your software or if you want a benchmark to gauge against software improvement over time.

The SAAS platform comes with the ability to record and store unlimited snapshots and easily compare results at any point in the future.

Collaborate with Your Team

Not only does View26 provide you with a full access dashboard for all your QA testing but you can also share this dashboard with an unlimited number of users. This allows you to collaborate efficiently with the rest of your QA team but it also allows you to share QA testing results with your wider network. You can share results, charting and improvement graphs with your clients, stakeholders and anyone else who has a vested interest in the QA testing process.

Turbo Charge your QA testing Today

This really is just a short introduction to the power behind View26. The possibilities for this software are endless and once you have implementing View26 into your QA testing environment you can turbo charge your productivity as you will no longer have to worry about checking results across multiple data sources, updating the rest of your team with QA progress or preparing separate charts and statistics for your stakeholders. All those tasks and many more can be achieved from a single SAAS portal that is View26.

The Temp Mail Address

Email is without a doubt one of the most useful communication methods of the 21st century but isn’t it so annoying that everyone wants to know your personal email address? It doesn’t matter if you are signing up for a web service, buying a product in a store of just trying to get your home shopping delivered. Most companies will take every opportunity they can to get a copy of your email address because for them it’s a way of being able to sell to you whenever they want.

For us consumers this can be frustrating, right? Every time you give your email address to a new company or you fill in an online form you just think to yourself how many junk emails am I going to receive because of giving out my email address to this company?

The Solution is a Temporary Email

TempMailAddress_logoThere is a solution to this problem and it is really an ingenious idea. This is a little bit similar to the service that many email providers offer whereby you can create multiple email addresses and use each one for a specific service. However, the company behind this new idea,, have taken things one further a created a free online service where you can make use of a truly temporary email address. And when we say temporary we mean that you can use a randomly generated email address to sign up to a service, receive the activation email for that service and then delete the email account permanently.

Who is this Temp Mail Service For?

This service is ideal for anyone that wants to sign up to something but doesn’t really want to give out their real email address and doesn’t want to receive any email, beyond the original signup confirmation, because of signing up.

It could be that you are signing up for an online service where email confirmation is required, it could be that you need to provide an email address to get a coupon or a money off voucher or it could be a million other things.

Basically, this service allows you to have the full functionality of an email address complete with its own inbox along with a disposable mail account so that the second you are finished with it you can delete all traces of the email address making it a truly temporary email.

Of course, it is not going to be the right tool in every situation – if you are signing up to a service where you need to receive emails on an ongoing basis then you shouldn’t use this temporary email service. But any account where you don’t want to receive future communications from them but you do want to appear to be providing a genuine and working email address this is the ideal solution.


As we mentioned the service is completely free to use and it is also extremely easy to use. Simply visit the website and you will be presented with a temporary email address along with an inbox that is associated with that address.

Use the address to sign up to a service, receive and action any emails that come in to the inbox because of signing up and then click on delete once you are finished with the account.

Michel Poignant PayToo

CEO of Electronic Wallet Platform ‘PayToo’ Michel Poignant

It seems as though the French entrepreneur/computer tech/financial services developer Michel Poignant just recently appeared on the radar but he has actually been around professionally for some time. Although initially trained as a professional photographer, graphic designer and business manager, Michel has extensive marketing experience along with years of managing multi-national companies and global corporations, including many financial services organizations.

He has also been quietly contributing throughout the years, to the development of the PayToo electronic wallet platform, and collaborating in the formation of a group of products and services related to telecom, store value cards, prepaid cards, bill payment processing services and money transfers. He has been instrumental in the launching of many truly innovative products and services such as, the Moby-Desk, which was the first mobile desktop, and Photo Bingo, which revolutionized the consumer film industry by being the first roll film vending machine.

Mr. Poignant is currently the CEO (and founder) of PayToo Corporation and its numerous subsidiaries. His companies are run extraordinarily efficiently due to the comprehensive market strategies and superior, results-driven leadership and management skills Mr. Poignant brings to the table. His vast business experience has given him the ability to build cohesive, effective teams and develop team members’ skills and leadership potential.

PayToo Corporation provides services worldwide to consumers that may not have access to traditional banking services. The company is the first to offer an e-Wallet with universal mobile capabilities and PayToo also offers mobile phone solutions, VoIP, Prepaid Card and secured e-commerce payment transaction solutions.

Even though PayToo is a business, a very successful business, the company and its CEO, Michel Poignant takes time out for community service. Recently, at Christmas time in Fort Lauderdale, they partnered with Hope South Florida, and distributed food to the homeless population there. “We are proud and happy to help those who need the most, especially during the holidays,” says Michel Poignant. One of Michel’s and the company’s concerns is to provide services worldwide to consumers that may not have access to traditional banking services. “Since the beginning, PayToo Corp has held a pledge to eradicate financial exclusion by giving to the ones in need, proving our commitment by offering access to a secure and cost-effective financial solution.