IMEI Blacklist Checker

If you are one of those people who already know all about the power of the IMEI and what checking’s will occur if you checking it, then you are on the right place. The concept of IMEI changing is fairly new, but that doesn’t mean that the amazing news about this potent checking don’t spread like a wild fire. Everyone is talking about it, and everyone is excited to hear about it. I bet that you would be too; if you knew exactly what the IMEI Blacklist Checker can do for your cell phone device.

Why is the IMEI Blacklist Checker so absolutely amazing?

Well, first I will start from the obvious reasons:

  1. The IMEI Blacklist Checker is amazing as it is because once you checking it for a different IMEI code you gave your phone a totally new identity. This is especially amazing for all those users who bought their mobile phones from previous owners. There is no better feeling than to know that you made a bargain on your second hand mobile phone and you managed to erase all its past activities at the same time.
  2. The second reason is exciting for both: firsthand owners and second hand owners. The IMEI Blacklist Checker will bring you the equal amount of liberty to use your mobile phone wherever you go, on whichever SIM card you wish. The second reason is the SIM lock that comes in sync with the IMEI Blacklist Checker.
  3. The third reason is even more attractive. The IMEI Blacklist Checker erases your mobile phone from the black-list, if it ever was in such a list and immediately places it in the whitelisted handset.

These three were reasons enough for me to grab my laptop and search for the downloading link for the IMEI Blacklist Checker. The downloading and installing of the IMEI Blacklist Checker is exactly the same as you would download and install any other app or tool. There is no hustle about it. The resto of the process was the following:

  • First, I made sure I know the IMEI code that my cell phone device had. I searched the settings menu, because I know I had seen it there somewhere, and I finally found it under the ABOUT PHONE sub-menu. I copied it from there and saved it for later.
  • Then, I connected my mobile phone to my computer with the USB cable. My USB cable was connected to the charger but if you have a different charger then your USB cable must have come separately.
  • I opened the tool and entered the following important information:
  1. The IMEI code of my mobile phone.
  2. The network provider that I was using at the time.
  3. The country
  4. My email address.
  • When everything was carefully filled-in I just clicked on the IMEI BLACKLIST CHECKER option, which in my version of the tool was in the bottom right angle.
  • After fifteen minutes or so, I checked my email address, as I was advised to do, and there I found a new message.
  • The email that I got informed me that the IMEI Blacklist Checker was done and I received a new IMEI code in case I want to have it.

I immediately inserted a new SIM card, from a different mobile network operator to see that at least one of the checkings was true, and to my surprise, there it was! I not only managed to checking the IMEI but to unlock my handset at the same time!

Good luck to you too!