The Benefits of Custom USB Flash Drives

As technology keeps growing, the amount of documents, media and other valuable content that people need also continues to grow. Instead of saving all of that information on a single device, such as your laptop or desktop computer, it’s so much easier to save it to a USB flash drive. Just pop the flash drive in, save whatever content you need to, pull it out and you have all of the information saved in one portable and handy little drive.

While you can certainly purchase a run-of-the-mill USB flash drive and it will work just fine, you might want to consider a custom USB flash drive instead.

What’s a Custom USB Flash Drive?

A custom USB flash drive works like any other standard flash drive. It is designed to store various types of information, including text documents, media files and more. However, unlike a standard USB flash drive, a custom drive is designed with a unique symbol or graphic image. For example, you could have your company’s logo, the logo of your favorite sports team or your initials printed on it. Additionally, these custom drives also come in a wide range of colors. You can literally create your very own, one-of-a-kind USB flash drive that is unlike anything that anyone else has.

The Benefits of a Custom USB Flash Drive

What type of benefits does a custom USB flash drive offer over a standard flash drive? Here’s a look at some of the biggest advantages:

  • Promote your business. A custom USB flash drive can serve as a marketing tool for your business. Have your company’s name and logo inscribed on it and people will take notice. Order custom USB flash drives with your company information and give them out as a marketing tool; it’s kind of like a business card, only it’s much more useful and will attract even more attention for your business.
  • Easily Distinguishable. What could be more frustrating than confusing your flash drive with someone else’s? When you have an ordinary flash drive, mix-ups are almost guaranteed. Leave it in a computer by accident, for example, and someone else may end up walking off with your drive. However, if your flash drive is customized, it will be easy for you and others to tell who it belongs to. No more mix ups!
  • It’s Fun! While USB flash drives are certainly useful, they aren’t exactly fun; however, when you have it customized with a unique shape, your favorite color and/or an image that you love, you can add a little flash (pun intended) to your USB flash drive.

Since you need a USB flash drive anyway, why not get one that stands apart from the crowd? Get yourself a custom USB flash drive and you will be able to take advantage of the many benefits that it provides. From fun and funky shapes to unique colors and interesting graphic images, you can have a USB flash drive that is completely customized to your specific liking. Changing the Future of Gaming

One of the biggest issues that online gamers face is cheating. It is not uncommon for players to have their finances compromised by way of credit card fraud, or for in-game cheating to occur. is setting out to change these issues so that online gamers can enjoy greater peace of mind.

The goal of is to decentralize the financial transactions that occur in the online gaming industry be way of an ethereum blockchain.  In-game cheating would be eradicated by way of a strict KYC1 software monitoring program (a process that involves businesses authenticating their clients’ identity.) By reducing these serious risks, the future of online gaming will be drastically changed.

How It Works

The financial transactions would be done via smart contracts that runs on an Ethereum blockchain. The execution of these transactions are unable to be influenced by external sources. As a result, financial transactions would be made as per pre-coded outcomes. In other words, the tactics that are used to conduct financial cheating would be filtered, which would reduce the risk of having valuable financial information compromised.

Additionally, the artificial intelligence that is had created will assess the outcome results of each match and verify game results. Individuals who are participating would be able to either accept or deny the projected outcome.

In lieu of using financial information, would provide online players with tokens that they would use to play the games that they are interested in. When someone wins a game, they would be able to cash in their tokens and then exchange them for money. There will be no need for players to input their financial information, which will significantly reduce the risk of theft.

Why It’s Important

Around the world, eSports, the industry that is targeting, generates a tremendous amount of revenue. In 2015, the market brought in $748 million in revenue, and that revenue is projected to grow to an estimated $1.9 billion in 2018.

The eSports market incorporates the following aspects of online gaming:

  • Betting and fantasy sites
  • The prize pools of Major League gaming
  • Micro tournaments
  • Products and merchandise
  • The sales of tickets
  • Sponsorship and advertising

Reducing the risks that are associated in all of these facets of online gaming is important because it will help to secure the growth of this industry, thereby making it grow at an even larger rate.

The eSports industry offers a huge growth opportunity, and the security features that provides allows for an incredible chance to capitalize on this growth. The tokens that can be utilized in various areas of online gaming, including:

  • Referral rewards
  • Vetoing any match results that have been debated
  • Ranking rewards
  • Winning additional tokens when playing in matches
  • Events that involve betting
  • The organization of private tournaments

With the increased security that will provide online gamers, the industry will grow at an even greater rate than it is already projected to.

Free cell phone tracker 2017

There are many reasons why people use a cell phone tracker on their phones and their families phones. Some use it on their kids to make sure they aren’t lying or doing things bad for them. Some people think it isn’t ethical to use a cell tracker on your kids phones, but it can find your child’s exact location. This could save your child’s live in a life threatening situation that requires them to get medical attention immediately. Some people use the cell trackers to find out if they are being cheated on, but this is not recommended and should only be done at your own risk. You can also just use a cell tracker to find your phone if you ever lose it.

Free cell phone trackers?

If you have searched for cell trackers before, you probably have found that it’s very hard to find a good working cell phone tracker that is truly free. Most of these free apps in the itunes and play store, are free to download, but then display adds and other stuff within the program. Most of these programs won’t even work.

Here’s the deal

Cell phone tracker technology isn’t easy to program, it takes thousands of hours of programming from a team of professional programmers and you just aren’t going to find this quality with a free cell phone tracker. It will usually be something that isn’t up to date or was once working and no longer works. The best bet is to use a professional company and pay the small monthly fee. This ensures that your phone tracker is always working, always up to date, always adding new features and keeping up with android and iphone updates and more.

They also offer 24/7 support, log in from any web browser to view target phone’s activity, 100% discreet tracking app, so you don’t get caught on target phone.

Want a free tracker?

If you want a free phone tracker, you should save yourself the time and take advantage of the week free trial of our recommended cell tracker. This gives you 1 week free of a pro cell tracker with 24/7 support. If you dont want to pay, simply cancel before the trial is over. Its that simple and you aren’t going to download something that doesn’t work.

Quality matters

Image you were using some crappy cell phone tracker and it wasn’t working the one time you really needed it.

A Look at VPN Services

Virtual Private Network – or VPN – services are some of the most beneficial tools for people who use the Internet. They are truly flexible, offer advanced security in order to ward off the dangers of hackers, enhance privacy by hiding what you search online, and enable you to take advantage of geo-spoofing so that you can access information online, no matter where you are located – and these are just some of the advantages that VPN services offer. How does a VPN work and what are some more of the advantages that they provide? – Below, we provide more details regarding VPN services that we think you will find very informative.

VPN Described

A VPN service is a type of technology that utilizes a secure connection (sometimes called a VPN tunnel) to connect two computers together over the Internet. Designed to provide a secure location to corporate networks so that those who worked remotely could gain access to important information, VPNs have grown in popularity and are now primarily used in commercial applications. These commercial VPN applications make it possible for users to privately gain access to the Internet through their own servers.

All of the information that is transferred between the VPN server and your device is encrypted. This ensures that the information is protected from being compromised by hackers who are lurking and waiting to grab it while the information is being sent. A VPN disguises your activity on the Internet from your ISP and hides your IP address from the websites that you visit.

How VPN Works

As we explained above, a VPN connects two devices together via a secure VPN tunnel. The VPN tunnel is secured by way of encryption, which is a pretty straightforward idea, but allows you to take advantage of several benefits, including:

  • Protection from blanket surveillance
  • Protection from hackers
  • Geo-spoofing your location

In order to take advantage of these benefits, you first have to sign up for a VPN service, which are available for an affordable monthly fee. You must have a contact with a VPN service provider in order use VPN. A lot of providers provide a VPN client or a VPN app (customized software), which make setting up and utilizing VPN extremely easy. All you have to do is download the client or app, install it and then run it. You can also configure third-party VPN software manually. The specific VPN service provider that you choose will let you know how to do this, if you choose this option.

VPN services are safe to use, are highly effective and are a legal way to ensure that your information is protected on the Internet. If you are interested in securing your information, you should seriously consider installing a CPN service. With this type of service, you will be able to take your Internet use to a whole new level and won’t feel as if your privacy is at risk.

Draw the basics of your texts with a single click

Everyone has had thought, even once a time, of getting the main information lying in the hundreds of lines without wasting time. Resoomer suggest an access to the essentials of a text in a single click, an online summarizer. With this ingeniously created tool, you can go straight to the fundamental of the subject instead of wasting time by a diagonal reading.


Resoomer, how does it work?

You can go straight to the online tool to get a summary and a text analysis. Just copy and paste there your text, and click on “Resoomer”. It will provide you a “relevant” summary of your text by assembling the major ideas and facts.
For you to get to the essentials of your text, Resoomer even suggest you a detailed analysis by underlining the main ideas and facts of you text. Therefore, you can do a diagonal reading of your document to detect the important passages and read more quickly your text. All needless details will be excluded to suggest you a credible result as possible.

An algorithm that works with no chance

If you think that Resoomer chooses random sentences, you are wrong. If you agree with the idea that it is a synthesis of the text, which you selected, you really make a mistake. Resoomer algorithm offers a convincing analysis based on the semantics of the key words. That means, it is not just a simple synthesis but indeed a persuasive text analysis.
With this text summarizer, you will outstandingly save a lot of time and certainly improve your efficiency. No longer will you have to wonder the main information of a given text, Resoomer deal with it for you.

The text summarizer for everyone

Not only, Resoomer is for professionals of information fields but also proposed to those wishing to get quickly a credible text analysis. Though you might be documentalist, author or a simple reader, you can get the main information of a text in a single click. Whether it is information research, a press review or a text summary, Resoomer is all you need.
Resoomer is also available in Chrome extension. Everyone can profit the occasion to save time and energy for all information research needs. So, take the opportunity to get productivity when reading your online articles, Resoomer will select.

WhenDidl Lite – Event Tracker Review

Between work, the kids, the social activities and everything else that you have going on in your life, it can be difficult to keep track of your day-to-day events. Calendars and planners can help, but it’s easy to misplace them or forget what you scheduled for each day, which can lead to overbooking or completely forgetting about things that you had to attend to.

Surely, there must be an effective solution that can help you keep track of everything you have to do? There is! It’s called WhenDidlLite – Event Tracker, a totally configurable app that is easy to customize to your specific needs so that you can keep track of your busy lifestyle. Offering widget supports, notifications, backup functions for SD cards and Dropbox, and a number of other functions, with this app, keeping track of your life has never been easier. Simply download the app to your smartphone, add in your events and get ready to better manage your hectic life.

WhenDidl Lite – Event Tracker Features

The WhenDidl Lite – Event Tracker app offers a wide range of features that set it apart from similar apps and make it truly unique and so easy to use. Here’s a look at some of the key features that this app offers:

  • Completely customizable, which means you can modify it for your specific needs
  • Reminder alerts that can be set to remind you about daily, weekly or monthly events
  • Alerts can be modified to include sound and speech
  • Allows you to add notes to your events
  • Analyzes the statistics of your events
  • Allows you to view the statistics of your events
  • You can share your events with other as CSV email attachments
  • Provides graphs and charts to keep track of your events
  • Offers various home screen widgets
  • Backs up to either Dropbox or SD card
  • Offers short cuts and quick links so that you can easily add events, view your lists – and more!

Events that WhenDidl Lite – Event Tracker App can Track

You can use the WhenDidl Lite – Event Tracker app to keep tabs on your events and activities, such as meetings, deadlines and appointments; and you can use it to keep track of so much more. Some examples of how what you can use this app to keep track of include:

  • The number of calories that you have consumed in a day
  • How many alcoholic beverages you have consumed
  • The amount that you spend on breakfast, lunch and/or dinner each day
  • When you watered your plants
  • How long you’ve spend working out at the gym
  • How long your children have been using technology

And these are just some of the ways that you can use this app to better manage your time and your daily life!

You have a lot on your plate and it can be difficult to remember everything that you have to. With WhenDidI Lite – Event Tracker, you will be more organized and your life will be simplified.

Good to go for the best car insurance calculator

Whether you are a newcomer to the car insurance world or have been a consumer for quite extended period, there will be times when you need to use proper car insurance calculator to figure out the premium cost to pay. Insurers change their rates often to stay competitive in the market, and they do this not merely by reducing the base rate but also by offering discounts, rewards, bundling options, etc. Insurance companies use many different variables to determine rates based on personal information provided by consumers; every detail of the information can either increase or decrease the total cost.

Before you rush into the market or switch insurers, an online car insurance calculator is certainly one of the best tools to use. Such tool is available on many websites, but there is no guarantee that all of them can do precise detailed calculation. It is always best to use a calculator created by reputable insurance company, for example, Good2Go Insurance.

The good thing from an official car insurance calculator is that every cost is determined by the company’s current premium rate and available discounts. This means the result of the calculation is exactly the amount of what you need to pay; there is no need to re-calculate everything all over again. Good To Go Insurance provides the calculator in the homepage of its official website, so it is easy to access for all visitors too.

When using the car insurance calculator provided by good to go auto insurance, you will need to give information about name, home address, and postal code. Such data are used not only to determine premium rate and probable discounts but to send the quotes directly to your home address as well.

Independent Auto Insurance Calculator

Plenty of independent websites (without affiliation with any private insurance company) provide similar types of car insurance calculator. By being independent, the website will need to keep on updating with the current premium rates from insurance companies. However, the result of the calculation should not be considered precisely accurate because insurers change rates quite often.

Good2Go Insurance

The company is a member of American Independent Companies. Good to go insurance specializes on providing minimum liability insurance, but the company also offers collision and comprehensive coverage. The car insurance calculator by good to go insurance is designed to work with Minimo, a system designed to help you get minimum coverage that you need while complying with state’s regulation regardless you are safe or high-risk drivers.

A Guide to Purchasing a PABX Telephone System for Your Company

Whether you’re a small business owner or a homeowner who requires a simple phone system or you’re operate a big business that needs a complex telephone system, you will find exactly what you are looking for with a PABX phone system.

What is a PABX Phone System?

A PABX (private branch exchange) phone system is a telephone system that is located within an enterprise that allows for the ability to switch calls between business users and local lines while enabling all users to share external phone lines. The primary purpose of a PABX phone system is to reduce the need for each user to have a phone line that connects to the central office of a telephone company.


How a PABX Phone System Works

A PABX is owned and operated by an enterprise instead of a phone company. Digital technology is used to handle telephone calls. These systems include:

  • Multiple phone lines (known as a telephone trunk)
  • A computer with memory that handles the switching of calls in and out of the PABX
  • A network of telephone lines
  • A switchboard or a console that connects to an operator (this is optional)

The Benefits of a PABX Phone System

What are the benefits of a PABX phone system? Here’s a look at some of the biggest advantages that this type of telephone system offers:

  • Easy to use
  • Easy to install
  • Inexpensive
  • Supports a range of features
  • Access from various locations, thanks to VoIP
  • Easy to direct calls via email and fax
  • Improved customer service

Making the Switch to a BAPX Phone System

If you’re interested in taking advantage of all of these benefits and making the switch to a PABX phone system, you are probably wondering how to go about doing so. The process of switching your service is actually quite simple. You have literally dozens of options to choose from, as there are so many different manufacturers that offer PABX phone systems, including Cisco Telephone Systems, Avaya Telephone Systems, Panasonic Telephone Systems, NEC Telephone Systems, Grandstream IP PBX Telephone Systems and Yeastar Mypbx Telephone Systems – and that’s just a small sampling of the manufacturers that offer this type of system. If you aren’t sure which provider to use, you can simply contact a company that specializes in the installation and maintenance of PABX, let them know your specific needs and they will assist you with finding the best option to suit your needs.

Once you have decided which option you would like to choose, the process of the PABX installation can begin. It’s easy to do and can be done in no time at all. After your PABX phone system is installed, you will be able to start taking advantage of all of the benefits that your new phone system offers – and you will definitely see these benefits immediately.

So, what are you waiting for? Make the switch to PABX today!

Top 5 tips for choosing the right hosting provider

It doesn’t matter whether you are building your first website or you are a seasoned website designer looking at hosting options for a new project, choosing the right provider is very important. Even more so because when you take a quick look online you will find thousands upon thousands of hosting companies and invariably they are all offering similar deals and all proportion to be the fastest, the best, guaranteeing uptime and basically saying anything to try and get you to sign up.

This can be daunting if it’s your first time looking for a website host and even as someone who has built and hosted many websites you can still occasionally find yourself with a website stuck on an unreliable host that promised the world when you signed up for a 12-month hosting plan only to under deliver once they took your money.

This article contains 5 actionable tips and guidelines that will help you to pick a reliable host that will give you peace of mind along with a stable and well-performing website.

Tip #1 – Price

Let’s be totally honest, price is always going to be important and whilst there are other more important factors such as performance and reliability everything still hinges on the pricing. First of all pricing is a great metric for comparing hosting providers and when coupled with the list of features you can really see how one host compares to another.

What price point should you be looking at?

There is a big range of difference in pricing between hosting providers and I would always be suggesting looking at the mid-range bracket. You will find some providers who charge far less than any of their competitors and whilst these hosting offers may be very tempting the low-price point normally means that they cannot afford to properly support their hosting platform and ultimately this means that your website ends up being down every other day and when it is, your tickets sit in the queue waiting for a handful of support agents to fit in the time to put your website back online.

There are also some providers that charge far more than anyone else and conversely you might think the higher price point means they provide a superior level of support and performance but sadly this is not always the case. Some of the larger hosting providers have spent lots of time and money developing not only a reliable hosting platform but also an impressive brand and that is exactly what you end up paying for – a brand rather than features, reliability and support.

Tip #2 – Features

Features are also a very important factor to consider and this complements pricing perfectly. With features and price point you can really begin to get a picture of how one host compares to another.

What features should I be looking for?

Don’t worry too much about whether a host is “optimized for WordPress” but look instead for specific and tangible features, for example:

  • The number of domains that you can host on your account
  • The number of databases you can set up
  • Available storage space
  • Available system memory (RAM)
  • Automated backups
  • Softaculous (Automatic website software installation)

There are many other features offered by the various hosting providers out there but you should be looking for features that specifically compliment your requirements. For example, don’t be swayed by the offer of unlimited storage space if you are only planning to run a static HTML website – your site may be small but stability may be very important to you, in which case you would want to look for uptime guarantees and daily off site backups.

Tip #3 – Support

Once you have compared the price and features of your potential hosting providers you should have a shortlist of potential candidates for hosting your website. Your remaining list of hosting providers will undoubtedly look similar on the surface and so you need a way of witling out the weaker candidates and finding the best provider to go with.

The level of support offered is a key factor that you need to consider, and test, before going ahead and it is one that you may not be able to assess without a little more investigation.

Of course, you can read up on the provider’s website to see what sort of support they offer – do they offer 24/7 support, do they have any statistics concerning response and resolution times, do they publish an uptime percentage for their servers? Do they offer live chat?

If you think outside of the box though, you can gain some more insight into the level of support they you are likely to receive after signing up. A good way to gain this additional insight is simply top open a line of communication with the provider – speak to them on live chat if its available, send them an email or even give them a call. Speak to them about your project, your website and your requirements and see how helpful they are. From the response, you can gauge how friendly, efficient and responsive they are likely to be once they are supporting your website.

If it takes you several days to get a reply then they are probably not the best host to go with but if they answer your questions in a friendly and knowledge manner then this is a great indicator that their post-sale customer support will be the same.

Tip #4 – Reviews

Up until now you have been doing your own investigations and you are only getting one side of the story – you are only seeing the hosting company from the outside, and they are responding to you as a potential customer so of course everything is going to seem fantastic – because they want your business.

You really cannot get the full measure of a hosting company (or any other company for that matter) without seeing how they respond to customers after the signup process. Some providers will put every effort into getting you to sign up and then once you become a customer you become just another number to them and the level of support drops. This is particularly true in the world of hosting because once you sign up to a hosting company it is often very difficult to move away – mainly because transferring a website (And avoiding downtime) is a complicated process.

Customer reviews are without a doubt the best way to determine how efficient a hosting company is from the point of view of existing customers. Think of this tip like stepping into the future and asking yourself, after you have signed up, what you think of the hosting provider. It’s an invaluable way of really measuring the performance, support and reliability of the host before invest time and money in moving your website over to them.

When looking at customer reviews you should also look for several independent sources – don’t just rely on the testimonials published by the provider themselves, look at several different review sites – for example look at Google reviews, Trust Pilot and other review services.

Top #5 – Company

The last step before signing up is to look at the company themselves – read the about us page of course but also do a little of your own research, search for the company on Google, see when they were incorporated, where they are based and just try to get a feel for the type of company that you are signing up with.

The general rule that I use is to avoid the smallest companies – if the hosting provider were only incorporated in the past 12 months then there simply won’t be enough information to gauge how reliable they are, or how much infrastructure they have.


Equally its best to avoid the larger hosting providers with millions of customers. For example, Bluehost ( look pretty good on the surface but being such a large company there is a risk that you will not get the same level of personal support that you would from a smaller provider.

Redefining Hands-free: What Is Alexa Skill Development?

AlexalogoIf development is a race, technology leads the game. Seemingly, every few years, a new innovation is introduced that makes the then unimaginable, apparently possible. Looking back, when Siri was first introduced as the interactive artificial intelligence for Apple phones and laptops, the idea of tapping applications and typing suddenly seemed tedious. However, while everyone else is still battling with the limitations of voice command, Amazon introduces Alexa.

Alexa is the brain that runs Amazon Echo, an innovative technological gadget like Apple or Google Watch that caters to various user needs. However, if your hands are full, Echo does not need any taps, clicks or presses since voice commands are enough to get the brains running. With all the available tools and possibilities, what is Alexa skill development and what does it mean to communications in general?

One of the main applications of the Alexa technology aside from home and personal assistance is in business. Many customer-oriented companies have already integrated skills into the Alexa platform to be able to improve personalized customer relations. There is a massive number of skills that can be customized to cater to different requirements and purposes for the service industry and the field of design and innovations.

With Alexa skill development, the limitations of voice-prompted commands and services are able to turn into possibilities. While designers see this as a venture into the future of the utilization of artificial intelligence in developing smart gadgets, homes and businesses see this as an empowerment to their craft and services especially on how it improves efficiency.

The elaboration to what is Alexa skill development depends on customization and demands of each user or business applications. Basically, what it does is it continues a culture of constant enhancement and breakthroughs to make commands more precise and reduce errors.

Not a long time ago, the advent of smartphones greatly influenced the mode, technique, and value of communications. More so than before, this concept aids ease of access, hands-free technology, and innovative interaction.

With this rise in voice computing, doors have certainly opened to numerous possibilities in terms of other wide-scale applications. At the same time, while the Alexa may not be as refined and improvements are still necessary for more complex commands, there is no doubt that it has a lot to offer to the future of modern communications and redefine standards of lifestyle in the long run.