Amazon S3 ! A Massive Storage Bin For Online Data

Amazon S3 Overview:

Amazon Simple Storage Service or Amazon S3 is an online service offered by the Amazon Web Services (AWS). Amazon S3 has a simple web services interface that allows web-preneurs, web marketers and retailers to store and retrieve loads of data from anywhere on the web at anytime. Amazon S3 model is created to make web-scale gauging easier for developers and also scale past trillions of objects throughout the world and deliver 99.9999% durability. It provides developer’s access to the same fast, highly scalable, reliable, low-cost data storage framework that Amazon uses to operate its own web sites across the globe. The main objective of this service to provide high scalability benefits and passes the same to the developers. Mindmajix aws training provides the deep understanding of AWS concepts and it is a starting point for professionals who wants establish their career in AWS.

Amazon S3 Benefits:

Amazon S3 is purposely assembled with a nominal feature set that spotlights on robustness and simplicity. Below are some of the benefits of the Amazon S3 service:

Create Buckets – Create and name a bucket that stores data. Buckets are the fundamental container in Amazon S3 for data storage.Store data in Buckets – Store an infinite amount of data in a bucket. Upload as many objects as you like into an Amazon S3 bucket. Each object can contain up to 5 TB of data. Each object is stored and retrieved using a unique developer-assigned key.

Download data – Download your data or enable others to do so. Download your data any time you like or allow others to do the same.

Permissions – Grant or deny access to others who want to upload or download data into your Amazon S3 bucket. Grant upload and download permissions to three types of users. Authentication mechanisms can help keep data secure from unauthorized access.


Why Should You Use Amazon S3?

  1. Most Affordable Hosting Solutions on the Web

Amazon S3 is a global IaaS(Infrastructure-as-a-Solution). You can join in S3 for free which offers pay-as-you-go service, which means you only pay for those bandwidth, storage and hosting costs that you use. You don’t have to pay for the bandwidth, server and storage costs that were not used by you. This service would be an attractive point for online marketers and video producers worldwide.

  1. Fully Scalable Solution

Amazon S3 is completely scalable and reliable solution that provides no restrictions to the amount of bandwidth or storage that you use. Traditional hosting companies impose limits to most of their plans, once the user crosses these limits they will be hit with huge and extra costs or suspend account which may lead to inactive website. But with S3, the scenario is different, you are set with no limits.

  1. Reliability: S3 is provided by Amazon, a global leader in web services, with world class technical expertise

AWS is now world leader in web services.The Amazon S3 service is very much reliable. Currently, there are more than 2 lakh developers working on this service and building network. This service is extensively tested system and used by the companies of all sizes – small, medium and large. S3 service system ensures 99.99% uptime from Amazon without making the service level come down.

  1. Safeguard Your Own Server

Ultimately, Amazon S3 is allowing you to decrease strain on the server hosting your website. When you retrieve objects or files such as audio or video files from the disparate sources into the system may be of big sizes than normal html files,

this may create an inflow of traffic to the server leading to an unnecessary burden to the server. So, deploying these big files to Amazon S3 service would safeguard your server for hosting the website and let Amazon take care of rest of the things.