What You Can Do with Laser Cutting Machines

The laser cutting and engraving industry has come into its own over the past couple of years. People are starting engraving businesses due to the popularity of customized and personalized products for individual and businesses. It’s especially popular among the DIY crowd who love to create and personalize. Why is it so popular and what can you do with laser cutting and engraving machines that makes them so in demand?

Things You Can Create and Do with a Laser Machine

Make plant labels – A fun niche to try is engraving wood plant signs/labels. There’s a lot you can do with this. For instance, you can engrave the plant image onto the sign and engrave its common name, scientific name, and/or its family name. You can also use different languages on these signs. It’s a fun niche that allows you to get as creative as you please. Writing in symbols like from the Greek, Chinese, Japanese, or other languages makes for a decorative plant label.

Leather engraving – Leather belts, wallets, purses, jackets, and other leather wares can be engraved upon using a laser engraving machine. As a matter of fact, laser machine software has a leather engraving setting to make it easier to program and use. You can turn this into a business and profit from your leather engraving skills.

Make custom phone cases – People love their smartphones, but they love to personalize them even more. No one seems to want to carry around their iPhone, Samsung Galaxy, Motorola, Sony, or other phones without a case/cover that suits their personality. Laser engraving machines can be programed to cut out designs, patterns, images, logos, text, and just about anything on phone cases made from wood, leather, plastic, and other materials. You could start a business on this niche alone. Handmade and custom designed smartphone cases and covers are useful and people will pay premium prices for them.

Make wooden signs – People used to say they were going to hang out their shingle when they were starting a business or settling down into a town. That’s because at one time, wooden signs were all they had to use. They would hang them from hooks outside their business to establish their presence. Today, people love the rustic look of custom wooden signs for their businesses. It’s another huge niche that could be a profitable business. You can engrave the business’ logo, name, and other markings according to what the client wants.

These are only four ideas for what you can do with a laser engraving business. You are only limited by your own imagination. These ideas are good, but you can brainstorm off of them and come up with a niche all your own if you want.

Starting a laser engraving business requires that you do some research, invest in the right machine for the jobs you want to perform, some training and/or skills for working with the product and lasers, and the creativity and desire to make and personalize things for others. Since most laser machines come with their own software and can be equipped with more, you can also expand your business as you go with the right machine.

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