How to Design a Good Mobile App Notification

How many times do you read the notifications or alert messages that you receive on your mobile phone? “Not many” or “hardly any” is likely to be a popular answer. So, when you have a mobile app idea and hire a mobile app development company to design the app, the design of your mobile app notification system should be a challenge that you discuss at length.

The reason? When you as a user do not remember which are the apps whose notifications you read, you need to be really smart with your app if you intend to make your app users take notice of your notifications. And, notifications are often ignored because they do not offer value for the interruption caused and their increased frequency leads to a feeling of irritation among app users.

But, as an app owner, you need notifications to inform your users about great deals, app crashes, major updates, and so on. So, how do you provide these notifications without harming your app’s user experience? Let us look at some of the best ways to design a good mobile app notification system with the help of your Android or iPhone app development company


Tips to Remember While Designing Your Mobile App Notification

Understanding the Need

You need to think as a user and not as an app owner when you start planning the design of your app notification system with your development team. Only then will you be able to understand the need to have notifications that are not a burden on the user.

For example, having notifications for every small error in the app may irritate the users, especially in cases where no user action is required. So, the ideal way would be to only have notifications when information needs to be shared to help users recover their app from any major errors, i.e., when a user action is required. In such scenarios, the notification will add more value to the user experience and will make it easy for the app owner to ensure the smooth working of the app.

Being Relevant and Timely

Your notifications are likely to be paid heed to if they are relevant to the users. Hence, during the app design stage, you must study various product usage reports, user behavior stats, and other such data collected for your app’s target audience. This will enable you to make more relevant notifications for your target audience and will improve the conversion rates.

Also, the notifications must be sent at an appropriate time, for example when users are most likely to see them. It is obvious that you should not send any kind of notifications during the night. You can use user statistics to get data about different time zones for your target audience and to understand at what times your users are more likely to look at your notifications.

Avoiding Spam and Ensuring Clarity

One of the major reasons why people do not look at notifications or alert messages is that most of these notifications appear to be spam that contain words like “Free” and “Won a Prize”. So, avoid using such words in the content part of your messages.

At the same time, do not make your notifications too long or complex. No one has time to decode the hidden meaning in your app notifications. This is why you should work harder on ensuring that your alerts contain crisp and clear content that is easily understandable by your target audience.

No Interference

Many app users become irritated when certain apps start throwing large notifications that distract them from what they were doing on their mobile devices. Often, the users will delete the apps that interfere way too much due to large notification views that pop up on their screens.

You do not want your app users to even think about uninstalling your app, right? So, it is best for the third-party app development company that you hire to build a notification system that informs the users about anything really important by causing least interference. A good way is to show small notifications (slide through) that fulfill the purpose of keeping your app users informed.


A good option to win the confidence of your app users is to keep your notification system open for customization. This implies that you must empower the users to select the content for the notifications they receive. Once your users select the way in which they receive the notifications, they will feel happy to check out any timely notifications that the app sends.

We hope that the above shared information about designing an acceptable app notification system proves valuable to your company. Feel free to share any other related tips that may have worked for your mobile app users.

Unlock Samsung Galaxy S6 Generator

You probably know by now that having a SIM unlock Samsung Galaxy S6 cell phone device is a thing nowadays. Everyone is trying to get their device unlocked no matter what it takes. Some of the users know exactly what they will be getting out of a SIM unlocked cell phone device while others are just taking a wild guess, and look for an unlock tool because everyone else is.

I am not saying that unlocking your cell phone device is a bad thing. On the contrary, it is the best step you can take in improving the performances of your mobile phone.

But, before you go any further and unlock your device with any methods that come in your way I would like to point out a few points why it would be great to have your cell phone device unlocked.

First of all, there is the feeling of freedom. When your device is unlocked you can do anything you want with it. You can use it on any foreign or domestic SIM card.

That being said, the unlocked mobile phone can be sold at a greater price so you can profit more in case you are willing to sell it.

Also, the unlocked mobile phone unit can function in any country on any pay-as-you-go SIM card.

The positive aspects are numerous and you will see for yourselves once you perform the unlock.

However, if I were you, I wouldn’t rush through the unlock Samsung Galaxy S6 operation.

First you can check the contract you signed with the mobile phone carrier. If the contract is about to expire your mobile phone will be automatically unlocked whether you like it or not.

You can also visit the carrier’s office and ask about the terms and conditions of the unlock. Who knows, you might get lucky. There are many countries where the mobile phone unlock is not “frowned upon”.

Anyway, if none of those things work, or you just don’t want to be bothered with it you can download the Unlock Samsung Galaxy S6 Generator and get the job done on the spot. Obviously, this tool is compatible with Samsung Galaxy S6 cell phone devices only, but if you’re looking for a way to unlock some other brand of cell phone device then check the developer’s webpage and download the right tool for you.

The principle of the unlock is the same for all mobile phone units when it comes to the SIM unlock software application tool.

The first thing you will be required to do is to check if your LG G3 cell phone device is really locked. The second thing is to find the IMEI code of the handset and have it close to you for a future reference.

Next, you should download, install and open the free of charge Unlock Samsung Galaxy S6 Generator.

Once you do this you will see that you need to enter some details in the marked fields. These details would include the IMEI code, the country and the carrier. These fields are required so that the Unlock Samsung Galaxy S6 Generator will be able to generate the perfect unlock code for your Samsung Galaxy S6.

Next, enter your email and wait for a new email message.

Get the code from the message and use it to unlock your Samsung Galaxy S6 device.

Unlock Samsung Galaxy S7 Tool

Learn to unlock Samsung Galaxy S7 free! If you are no longer happy with the choice of carrier you made and with the mobile phone services it provides for you, you don’t have to stick with them for as long as your contract lasts. There are many things that can be done regarding this particular issue. We are not here to discuss all of the things that can possibly be done; we are here to discuss about the thing and about the solution that you need most above all others.

There is no point in wasting your time with boring, long, complicated and expensive SIM unlocking solution. Why do that when you can simply order the Unlock Samsung Galaxy S7 Tool and get the unlock done with no sweat, minimum expenses and minimum time and effort. Don’t waste your chance to get free unlock Samsung Galaxy S7 tool on your PC device.

It is all here in a bombshell. Literary, everything you’re looking for to help you with your Samsung Galaxy S7’s SIM lock troubles. With this solution you can forget about the everyday aggravations and you can finally relax about the choices you are about to make. Once your Samsung Galaxy S7 is no longer locked you can switch from carrier to carrier whenever you like. You will no longer be bound to use the same services even though you know you deserve better. Now, you will have a say in how and where you spend your money regarding the calls, data usage, texts etc.

There is no better feeling than the feeling of entire freedom when it comes to your Samsung Galaxy S7 device. So many things will change for you that you cannot stop recommending everyone to do the same thing you did- unlock their cell phone devices.

The unlock Samsung Galaxy S7 mobile phone has a lot more advantages than the locked one, and using services from different mobile network operators is only one of them. You will be able to save a lot of money too just by switching form one carrier to another, using their pay-as-you-go SIM cards. You can even sell the device for a lot higher price when it is unlocked. Nobody wants to buy a SIM locked mobile phone, but when there is one that is never locked on the market, the game changes big time.

IMEI Changer Apk Tool

There is absolutely no reason why you should not change the IMEI code of your phone. There is no such law that forbids you to perform this change, so legally you will be off the hook. Other activities when your mobile phone is concerned may be regarded as not so appreciated by the principles of the carriers, you’re luckily for you the IMEI change is not one of them. The SIM unlocking operation is not welcomed by the carriers and they are forbidden in many countries, although there are countries that allow this sort of operation. So, if you live in a country where the SIM unlock is still a forbidden subject and there are laws against it, then I guess there is nothing else you can do, except to change the IMEI code.

The change of the IMEI code and the SIM unlock of any mobile phone are closely connected. The SIM unlock can occur without a change of the IMEI but this is not possible if it was the other way around. I guess all I am trying to say is that, if you change your IMEI code you will be changing the “lock” on your mobile phone as well. It is like a conditional reaction to the prior IMEI change. That is why, if you are looking for the safest way to SIM unlock your cell phone device then you should definitely consider the IMEI change. The SIM unlock comes as a treat after you have changed the IMEI, and that is a treat that all of us would want to devour.

SIM unlocking software application tool are sometimes way too complicated to operate and not to mention dangerous if you don’t know what you are doing. Handilng a tool like that may result in a permanent block of your handset, so there are more than a few dozen resons why you should leave these apps to the more proffesionals than us. Luckily the IMEI Changer Apk Tool is designed to be used by allsorts of users. There is plenty of room for error, however difficult is to make one.

There is no way that you couldn’t make the IMEI change complete with the IMEI Changer Apk Tool. All you really need to do is download the free IMEI Changer Apk Tool and follow only a few instructions. It is like software application tool for dummies and even a three year old can make it work.

So, if you finally got the courage to change your mobile phone’s IMEI and with that to remove the SIM lock off your smart mobile phone device here’s what you must do:

  1. Grab your USB cable and connect your SIM locked mobile phone to your computer.
  2. Open the IMEI Changer Apk Tool (which you downloaded and installed before).
  3. Provide the following details in the empty boxes: the IMEI code of your mobile phone, the country where the mobile phone was bought, the carrier and any functional email address that you can later enter.
  4. Click on the IMEI change option and relax.


The IMEI change will happen before you know it and it will last for a lifetime. That’s why you must immediately download the IMEI Changer Apk Tool and get yourselves a nice new IMEI code.

New Breed of Lightning Headphones Available in 2017

If are about to purchase the new iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus from Apple there is something you should be aware of: Both the 7 and 7 Plus no longer come with a 3.5mm headphone jack. This means that you can no longer use a standard pair of headphones with the new version of Apples popular mobile device.

If you already own an iPhone 7 or 7 Plus, then you will likely be aware of this fact already and you may have either given up on using your old headphones or been thinking about purchasing a pair of wireless headphones instead.

Have no Fear, Lightning Headphones are Here

Before you go out and buy an expensive pair of wireless headphones just to circumnavigate Apples design flaws there is another option that you should hear about. This option is to instead purchase a pair of headphones that support the lightning connection port. That’s right, there are headphones that connect via Apples lightening port rather than via a traditional 3.5mm headphone jack.

These lightning headphones are fully compatible with the Apple iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 plus because they will connect via the phones lightning port (The same port that you would use to charge the phone). This is great because it saves you having to pay an extortionate price for wireless headphones that you don’t need or want.

There are other advantages to the new lightning style headphones as well – not only will you solve your immediate problem but you are also effectively saying “No” to Apple: No Apple, we won’t be forced to do things your way, or to buy your products but rather we can still use our own products that have been redesigned to fit your new device layout. This tells Apple that they can’t control the way their devices are used and they can’t remove ports at will just to force users to purchase all of their add-ons directly from Apple.

Digital Sound and Superior Quality Audio

The great thing about the lightning port is that it’s a digital port. This means that you will have a crystal-clear sound quality when using lightning headphones – compared to traditional headphones that connect via the audio jack you should notice the sound quality is superior and will not have any crackling or distortion that is typically associated with any analogue signal.

The lightning technology is normally only found in Apple products and until now there hasn’t been much of a need for other manufacturers to use the port, because there have always been alternatives. However, now that Apple have taken the decision to remove the audio jack from their newer phones there will likely be a surge in the number of products that support the lightning jack so its worth keeping an eye out on the market because there will likely be lots of choices when it comes to wired headphones that support the lightning cable connection.

Sources and Further Information

Most of the information for this article was obtained from the iPhone headphone news site Lightning Cans. If you want to keep up to date with further developments from Apple as well as the manufacturing industries responses to those developments this site is well worth keeping in your favourites list.

The New Galaxy S8 From Samsung Will Have 10nm Technology

According to Samsung, their new Galaxy S8 phone will have the only existing 10 nanometer semiconductor. They are planning on expanding this technology in the future to other phones.  The Vice-President of Samsung Electronics, Jong Shik Yoon, is very excited about the technology and says that it shows that Samsung is an industry leader.

Experts say the 10nm technology is similar to the 14nmm technology but the 10nm technology is better designed and can do things that the 14nm technology cannot do. One of the things the 10nm technology offers is a better 3D transistor. The improvement in technology will make the Samsung phones perform more than 25% better and the phones will use around 40% less power based on what Business Wire says.

See Samsung previous release: Samsung galaxy sa7 edge

Samsung has not said specifically which of their new phones will have this new technology but they say it will be in a new phone soon, probably within the year. Experts are theorizing that they will put their new technology in the new version of their very successful Galaxy model when the release the S8. The reason that experts think this is how technology will be released because the new Galaxy phones are usually released during the early months of the year and then the Note phones are released a few months later. Samsung has not said when the Note 7 will be replaced with a new model.

It is thought that the Galaxy 8 with the 10nm technology will be virtual reality enabled. The 4K display and the other technology will be able to keep up with the newest virtual reality games. Tech Times reported that the Qualcomm Snapdragon 830 which will replace the Snapdragon 820 in the near future will use the 10nm technology and Samsung will provide this technology for the Qualcomm phones. Experts expect this technology to show up in a Samsung phone in the first part of 2017 and to become the norm in Samsung devices before long.