World of Wireless Routers

Days are gone when you use traditional methods in your endeavor, whereas, Technology is being upgraded so frequently that one version comes and another version is in the pipeline to come. As a modern- day Entrepreneur, you may need to match-up with Technology and fast-paced-world. You live in the world where Consistency, Performance, Achievement, and Client Interaction are on higher note.

Client Visit is at your premises always on cards when you work for them; they do come and work with you hand-to-hand. In this scenario, you may have requirement or Compulsion for up-to-the-mark Infrastructure.

Now, the billion-dollar question is what are the symptoms for up-to-the-mark Infrastructure?

Infrastructure; it may be comprised with latest Technology, Equipments, and Skills. Technology is most-important part as you need to be online most-of-the-time. It is quite challenging to sustain in the world of Real-Time, and it is requisite to have really up-to-the-mark Internet Line and Device. Here, Routers who connects with your Computer, Mobile, or Laptop for distributing Internet or Cloud Internet comes to the picture in big way.

Router that you may see or heard everywhere either in Datacenter, Server Room, Network Line, Hardware, IT Infrastructure or Cloud; gives you buzz, why is required?

There are different types of wireless Routers that has more advanced features and capability as well meet the criteria of latest Technology. Many of people type an invalid IP 192.168.o.1.1 to access control panel for router management. You should be aware that correct IP address to access wireless router is


  1. It allows Employee to access the Internet from anywhere.
  2. It allows Vendors, Suppliers, and Clients to Login from anywhere in your Network.
  3. It allows to accessing Multiple Devices at one-point-of-time.
  4. Multiple Devices such as Laptop, Computer, Smartphone, and TV can be connected in one-go.

You may look for following criteria before hands-on:

  1. Security

Routers are secured, even in some-of-the- cases, you may only add Routers with Firewall in Network. WEP is the security synonym however; WPA/WPA-2 is more secured as it allows Internet access with some Restrictions.

  1. Standard

If you see the Model of any Routers, find b, g, and n alphabets, they show Standard such as 802.11b, 802.11g, and so on. Latest one is 802.11ac.

  1. Dual WAN

It is really important features of Wireless Router which makes Vulnerable. Most-of-the-Wireless Routers are single Port enabled, if that Port fails, you lose connectivity. Work suffers! Wireless Router with Dual Port gives you flexibility, if one Port fails; you may switch to another Port without any downtime.

  1. Faster Connectivity

Wireless Router has one Ethernet Port to have greater Transmission Speed if has workload. You may run Video, Multimedia, or any heavy Applications without wasting any moments.

Security is the most-sought features in Wireless Router. Encrypted Router is more demanded in Market and offers lots of trust in your Networking Model. No Router comes without Encryption and you may configure as per your requirement. There is Login id and Password that you configure and if forget, may recover. Your Wireless Router can be upgraded time-to-time, and may switch-off your Wireless Network and navigate Router setting as per requirement.